Beauty Products and Impulse Shopping

Beauty Products and Impulse Spending

Let's talk about the beauty community and the constant beauty products that are released. The holiday season is almost here and we will start to see even more products released. Before you impulse purchase you're next beauty item, you might want to stop and think about it. Personally, I can get caught up in the new releases and I've really put the brakes on what I'm choosing to purchase. There's only so much makeup and beauty items that you can realistically use. Here are some tips to put the brakes on impulse spending and decide if that new item is something that you really should purchase. Let's be honest, those small purchases still add up to a lot of money spent on products.

Why do you want it?

Is this a product you do want and will use or is it something you'll buy and forget about? Why do you really want it? Makeup does expire. Maybe wait a few weeks and check back in to see if you still want it. I've had items on my list and when I go back it doesn't seem as exciting to me and I remove them from my list. It's amazing how quickly you will forget about items when you put on a list and come back to it.

Do you have something similar?

Hold Up! Don't impulse purchase the item until you've actually thought about it. Often times, we get so excited about these new releases but when you really start to look at the product you might have something similar in your collection. This happens often with eyeshadow palettes. I really wanted a recent yellow eyeshadow palette and instead of buying it, I pulled some palettes that had yellows in them. I did a few eye looks and then decided I won't wear yellow enough to purchase a whole yellow palette. I got "yellow" out of my system and I was able to move on.

Can you find a good quality dupe/alternative?

Dupes are affordable products that are great alternatives to the higher end items.  Dupes are great, but you will need to do your research because you want to find something that is affordable but will also perform well. I've been some dupes that are nothing like the original. Research is necessary otherwise you might overspend trying to find that cheaper alternative and you could have bought the original for the same money spent. Don't just trust one blogger or influencer try to get a few opinions before making your decision.

Should you save for the more expensive version?

There's nothing wrong with purchasing items when you can afford them. It's nice to find cheaper alternatives but if you really want the higher priced it, it might be worth the wait. Save up for it and purchase it when you're ready.

Are you trying to justify your purchase?

Okay, if you're trying to justify your purchase and you know you'll start to feel guilty if you purchase it. That's not a good sign. Take some extra time to really make your decision. Don't jump into buying it. These are beauty items and it's not worth. It's so easy to go into debt for these impulse purchases. You really need to stop and think about it. These influencers are given the products for free and you are spending your hard-earned money on it. If the influencer doesn't use it again, that fine but when you only use it a few times its money wasted.

Track your purchases

I do this with my finances in general but if you're trying to slow down your spending- keep track of it. Keep a list of the product purchased and the price you spent. As this adds up in the month, you'll realize how much you are actually spending. This way you can prioritize if you really want it, or you would rather save it for something else.

What are some of your beauty budget secrets? Do you find it difficult to stay away from hyped up products? We live in a world that makes it so easy to purchase items and give in to impulse.

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  1. This is such an eye opening post! I have so many similiar items but I keep buying!