Let's Chat; personal thoughts. January 2022.


Let's Chat, Little Corner of Mine, Personal Thoughts

As January is coming to a close, I look back at this month and I'm ready for it to be over. We go into the new year with resolutions and hopes for the year but I did none of that for 2022. January was hard. We were at the height of our latest Covid wave, we had to transition to a week and a half of virtual school and then we sent our kids back to school with no idea how the next few weeks would play out. My provincial government restricted PCR testing, moved to rapid tests (very difficult to get ahold of) and we are no longer going to be told if there's a positive case in the classroom until 60% are absent. 60%...yes that's correct. It felt very uncertain, no new measures were put into place. It felt less "safe" than before the Christmas break. I'm happy to say my husband and I were able to receive our booster vaccines and my son was able to get his second vaccination. So, all in all, I know we've done our best and I can only pray that if we do get Covid, it shouldn't require us to be hospitalized. I am thankful to have rapid tests on hand since the school has been distributing them to elementary-age children. It's been frustrating, scary, and overwhelming but I'm trying to look for positives where I can find them. 
This month I've been taking the time to read, and I read 5 books. I do have a goal of 40 books for the year. I completed 2021 with 39 books read. You can check out my Goodreads account here, if you want to see what's I'm reading.  I will have a reading wrap up soon. I would have to say my favorite book of January was Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes. I also reread, The Marrow Thieves and enjoyed it, even more, the second time around. I plan to read the second book in the series soon. It's been really cold in Montreal for January, and I love just staying home, curling up with a blanket, and reading. My husband and I have also been watching the new season of Ozark on Netflix. If you haven't watched the show, I highly recommend it. 

As for beauty products, I haven't really purchased anything new for months. I did order the new Mini Biba palette by Natasha Denona today. I should have it in a few days, it's the first palette I've seen in a while that piqued my interest. I decluttered 80% of my collection, and started to really narrow down my collection and kept products I actually want to use up and enjoy. Having such a big collection was something I no longer wanted. I'm really happy with what I kept, I know what I like and my routine is a lot more simplistic now. I plan to post a round-up of my current staples.

I really do want to get back to blogging, I've blogged off and on for the past 12 years and I always find myself coming back to it. It's the platform that I enjoy the most.

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  1. We love Ozark & are gutted that it's the last season! What are restrictions like over there now? Our government seem to have decided that it's all over & lifted most restrictions overnight. Kids still have to wear masks in school & we have to wear them in public places, but no Covid passports to gain entry to anywhere etc. It's crazy & I think it's all because of the upcoming rugby & St Patrick's Day, so that the pubs can start making money again! x