Naked Heat by Urban Decay (Every day palette?)

Naked Heat Palette
Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

When I first saw posts showing the Naked Heat I went back and forth between wanting it and thinking that it wouldn't be a good "every day" or "work appropriate" palette. I starting looking at reviews online and saw some very wearable looks and decided I would have no problem using this palette on an everyday basis. I love the red, burnt orange tones of this palette. Yes, it's a very warm palette and you will get similar looks when using these shadows. It's very monochromatic but I like that I know what sort of look I'm going to get when I pick up this palette.

I was afraid that this would be too pigmented and hard to use. I'm not a makeup artist or beauty guru, I'm just a woman who likes to go her makeup in the morning and this palette is perfect for me. The shimmers are not really foiled, but pretty on their own. If I want to amp it up, I can spray it with a setting spray, and it becomes a lot more shimmery. 

If you're like me and thought twice about this palette, it's worth it- if you enjoy warm tones. I believe this palette will be in Sephora stores on July 10th. It is currently sold out on Sephora Canada Online but available on Urban Decay Canada. I also want to add that Urban Decay Canada shipped out my palette, and I received it the next day. Thank you Urban Decay! Also, you can get a 10% off coupon, if you sign up for their newsletter. That's what I did...

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  1. I am like u, not a MUA but just a gal who loves her makeup and I agree that this palette seems perfect for creating lots of warm looks. I don't have this palette and I doubt I will purchase it only because I just gave away my Naked1 and 2 just because they were getting old and I was not even close to hitting pan on any of the shades. But I will say that this is very hard for me to pass on because it is seriously gorgeous!

  2. I really like warm tones in fall and winter, but I am in general not much of a palette fan.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. This palette is so beautiful! It is definitely on my wish list. ;-)