Drugstore Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation Review

Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation

The Covergirl Vitalist Elixir is a fairly new drugstore foundation that has been buzzing around the beauty scene. I was curious about the foundation and picked it up while it was on sale at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart.) This foundation comes in 14 shades and claims to be hydrating, vitamin infused, antioxidant and has SPF 20. Hydrating and glowy are two factors that I look for in a foundation for my dry skin. This oil-free foundation offers a medium to full coverage application.

The packaging is very nice for drugstore, and the pump is an added bonus. Seriously, a foundation should not come without a pump... I had heard that this foundation dries a little darker, and I picked up the lightest shade that my drugstore had. It's very close to my skin tone but it still dries a little too dark. I prefer to add a white foundation mixer. I use a damp sponge, and it blends in very easily. I'm very sensitive to smells but this lightly scented foundation does not bother me at all. I actually like the smell. It does feel very lightweight, it is fairly long lasting and gives me a dewy look. As with most dewy foundations, it doesn't dry down completely and leaves a light tacky feel. I set my face with a powder to help blend my bronzer, blush and highlighter. I also don't like touching my face throughout the day and it feel tacky.

This has been a "go to" foundation, that leaves a great finish on my skin. I wish I didn't have to add a white mixer, it would be nice if they had a lighter shade. I'm sure that's true on the darker spectrum as well. I'm hoping that they expand the 14 color range since it's a great foundation. If you like a foundation with SPF, this might be a great option for you. I haven't tried many Covergirl products lately, but this has opened my eyes to the brand. I want to explore more of their brand.

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me.


  1. I love this. There are so many key aspects to this foundation that would be perfect for me. Hydrating and SPF 20 sounds great plus vitamin and antioxidant wow! I love the brand too. Thanks for the great post. xoxo Cris

  2. I wish we got Covergirl in the UK, as this sounds really great! I will definitely be on the hunt for this next time I'm in the states, as it sounds perfect for my dry skin xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I love the UK version of this foundation, so lightweight on the skin but so good at covering! x

  4. I love the finish of this foundation but it oxides like crazy on me and makes me look orange.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Have you tried a white foundation to mix with it? It doesn't oxide too much on me but I still need to lighten it.

  5. I'll have to try this out. My skin has gone from oily to normal/dry to I now have to update my foundation inventory. I'm pretty pale so it sounds like I'll need to lighten it up as well.

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  6. I haven't tried any covergirl products, but a lot of people rave about them!

    Sophia xo // https://sophiaaaxo.com

  7. We can't get Covergirl over here which is a shame! It sounds great! xx

    Beautylymin| HourglassAmbientLightingEditGiveaway

  8. Totally agree with you that all foundations should come with a pump, and it baffles me overtime I see a high end foundation without one! The finish of this sounds lovely, but it would be nice if they released more shades!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  9. Its a bit annoying that you have to mix a white into this to make your right shade. I am far too lazy and that would put me right off. Although its nice to hear its got a nice finish xxx

  10. The product sound really great dear! thanks for sharing!!
    Mónica Sors

  11. I have never tried Covergirl foundations. Since it oxidizes its difficult to select the right shade as well. But it is good to have a white mixer to make the shade match our skin color as I most of the time get the wrong shade :-)

  12. It looks like a really good foundation. Wow, the lightest color didn't work for you :( That's always a challenge for me as well. Finding the right shade. I wish they had more testers at drugstores. It's easy to pick the wrong one based on the bottle.