Weekly Product Spotlight (Morphe, Makeup Revolution, Colourpop, Coastal Scents, Physician's Formula) Affordable Products

Last week I tried some new palettes, and pulled out some older face palettes that I really enjoy using. My weekly rotations give me a chance to use up different products otherwise, I would forget about them. This wasn't intentional, but these products are all very affordable. Here is what I used last week:

Makeup Revolution Pro Glow Palette: This palette is always a "go to" highlighter palette for me. It has great highlight shades that can be built up and I like to mix and match shades. Some of the shades are too dark for me, but I could always use them as eyeshadow. This is a great every day palette to wear to work. (Purchase*)

Morphe 15D (Day Slayer) Palette: This was a Christmas gift and you know I love Morphe products. It has a mix of matte and shimmer shades. I love the warmth of the palette. If you like the Morphe 35o, this palette will be for you. I love that it has quite a few shimmer lid shades to pair with the mattes. The packaging is hard plastic and it has a mirror which is different from the Morphe palettes in the past. I really do like this palette. I will have a full review coming. This is limited edition but still available through Morphe. (Purchase*)

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Airbrushing Pressed Powder: I've been using this pressed powder to quickly set my face and I really like the end result. It is a translucent powder that gives me a nice smoothing effect. It feels very lightweight. When foundation sets into my lines, this helps to smooth it out. I do use a dense powder brush to pick up the product because it is tightly packed in the pan. (Purchase*)

Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Palette: What can I say, I love eyeshadow palettes and face palettes... I find it so quick to take out and make a selection. Last week, I kept using the matte bronzer, and rosey blush. I do have a review on my blog, if you're interested. (Purchase*)

Colourpop All I See Is Magic Palette: I love Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow Powders, and this palette did not disappoint. I stayed in the neutral category but I will try the green at some point. I have blue eyes, and I don't like pairing green with my eyes. I will try it though. Again, a full review will come soon. (Purchase*)

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. All these are lovely palettes - beautiful wearable shades! x

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  2. Wish i could buy the colourpop eyeshadows but its such a shame as i live in the uk. Love everything you have piced out here!

  3. I am liking the look of the Makeup revolution highlighter palette and as well as all the others. I always passed on the Physicians Formula pressed powder but I think I will be trying this one out now. :-)

  4. You've made me want that MUR palette and I'm dying to put in a colourpop order.


  5. I don’t have the patience for makeup and my skin doesn’t accept it at all

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  6. You can't go wrong with the Colourpop eyeshadows, every single palette they created is gorgeous!


  7. I am way over due for a makeup revolution order! I seriously have so many things I need to purchase. I'm also a massive fan of morphe, I need to get the 15 all day slay palette, the second nature palette and the new 24 glam palette. They honestly know how to make palettes with incredible shade ranges.


  8. omg i love make up revolution!! great blog post



  9. These palettes are so pretty. I love all the colors.

  10. Rotating makeup is the best way to make rediscoveries and get the most use out of your stash! The blush & bronzer palette looks gorgeous xx


  11. I've wanted to try Colourpop eyeshadows for the longest time now but I just can't find them! I love Makeup Revolution highlighter - so goood!

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  12. The palettes all look gorgeous. I really love powders and that Physician's Formula powder sounds amazing xxx

  13. I have to try Morphe! I'm so impressed with your reviews on the brand.