5 Positive Makeup and Beauty Habits

5 Positive Makeup and Beauty Habits

Do you have routines and habits? Do you try to form new habits? I've heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I do well with good routines, and habits. If something becomes a habit, it's something that you just do. It doesn't feel like you're overreaching and making something difficult. If you think of it as a task, it's less likely to happen. I'm the same with my makeup habits.

Here are 5 Makeup Habits that are positive and good to put into your routine.

1. Spot Clean Brushes Daily: Since I started spot cleaning my brushes daily, it has really helped me keep my favorite brushes ready to use. Honestly, how long does it take to spot clean your brushes with a spray brush cleaner? It takes me under 5 mins. If I run out of spot cleaner, I have used micellar water in a spray bottle. Spray your paper towel, run the brush over it in circular motions and they're clean for tomorrow. Don't forget to deep clean your brushes too! If they're spot cleaned regularly, it will help with deep cleaning because they will be less dirty.

2. Wake Up Early: If I really want to enjoy doing my makeup in the morning, I need to give myself time to do it. There is nothing fun about being in a rush. I do not like rushing around in the morning and I give myself 25 mins to get myself ready. If you want to give yourself time, you can but it means an earlier alarm clock.

3. Shop Your Stash Regularly: Use the makeup that you own. It's easy to forget about what you have, but if you're actively shopping your stash weekly or monthly; you can put these products into your rotation. You don't need to feel guilty about all the unused makeup. Use it! You might also find that you have something similar to the product you recently put on your wishlist.

4. Look For Inspiration In Products You Already Own: If I have a palette that I'm not using, if I feel uninspired by it; I look though Youtube tutorials, Pinterest images, and Instagram for inspiration. When you see what other people are doing with it, you might feel more motivated to try it yourself. I do this alot with eyeshadow palettes.

5. Skincare Before You're Too Tired: If you want to be successful with a skincare routine make sure you're not doing it before you're too tired. If you're waiting until you're practically getting in bed, you probably will decide to skip it. I like to do my skincare routine before I put my son to bed, this way it's done and I can sit and relax and not worry about it.

What are some of your makeup habits?


  1. I need a spot brush cleaner - I wash them weekly but a quick clean daily would be good! xx

  2. All great tips here, especially the shop your stash one - I have drawerfuls of products that I've either stopped using or have never used, you've just prompted me to have a sort through! :)

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  3. Okay, I'm so guilty of number 5. Need to get on it before getting tired is key or else I give up for the night. Sigh.


  4. These are some important tips. I always do my skincare just before going to bed. Yes I so skip it sometimes as I start feeling lazy. And shop you stash is great. I will have to sit and sort all that I have. I keep rotating but sometimes it is just sitting. :-)

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com