Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set (Shadow, Liner and Mascara) Review

 Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set (Shadow, Liner and Mascara) Review

I've enjoyed Real Techniques for many years and I recently picked up the Enhanced Eye set. An affordable brush set is great for building your brush collection and I always try to keep in mind makeup beginners. When I first started buying brushes as a beginner I was very imitated by all the shapes and sizes and wondering what to do with each brush. In my opinion this set and great for beginners and experienced makeup enthusiasts alike.  It comes with four brushes, a mascara comb and a clear brush holder. These synthetic brushes can be used for powder or cream shadow.

I really like this set because it has a nice variety of brushes. A big fluffy blender brush (Medium shadow brush) that can easily set you eye primer and blend a transition into your crease. The tapered bristles allow you to have nice control and lay down the product where you need. The second smaller brush is the essential crease brush and I love this brush! It's a smaller crease brush which I really like. Often when you have too many bigger brushes, you can't create that gradient effect and your shadow starts to look muddy when you're layering them. This smaller brush allows you to lay down the product exactly where you want. It also makes building up your colour very easy. The Shading brush is nice for picking up shimmer shadows or smoking out your lower lash line. It's soft and fluffy and you can also use it to lay down shadow in your outer V before blending. The fine liner brush is perfect for gel liner, it's not flimsy at all. I really feel like I have a lot of control when using this brush. The mascara comb is great to have in your collection, clumpy mascara can quickly and easily be brushed out. It helps to separate lashes and since its metal- it's very easy to clean. The brush cup helps to keep the brushes organized. Since Real Technique brushes are shorter than some of my other brushes, I do like to keep them separate in this brush cup. They don't get lost between my other brushes.

Final thoughts; these tools really are useful for any makeup lover. I find myself grabbing them quite often, especially the essential crease brush. I have hooded lids and I think this brush is very useful. If you're new to makeup, this brush set is easy to find and very affordable. Since they are great quality and wash so well, you can have them for years to come.

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  1. I don't think I've seen this set before but I love the RT eye brushes! xx