Happy National Lipstick Day! Lise Watier, Marcelle and Annabelle Lipsticks

Happy National Lipstick Day! Lise Watier, Marcelle and Annabelle Lipsticks

Happy National Lipstick Day! Today I wanted to mention three Canadian brands that are under the same umbrella group. These are three brands that I would also like to explore more as a Candian makeup enthusiast. The three brands are Lise Watier, Marcelle and Annabelle Cosmetics. They all fall under the Groupe Marcelle.

Lise Watier is a brand I've had my eye on for a while This is a more prestige Candian brand and their collections always seem really well thought out and curated but I haven't taken the plunge yet. I was sent this Rouge Fondant Supreme Lipstick and the packaging alone is really nice. This lipstick is very hydrating, lightweight and it has a shiny finish; available in 40 shades. It has concentrated labrador tea extract and is rich in antioxidants. They also quite a few nude shades available in this range and I would like to try out more shades.

Marcelle is a makeup and skincare company that is drugstore priced, and I have mentioned a few of their products before. This lipstick is from the Xpression line and it has around 30 shades. It's very comfortable on the lips and it's formulated with avocado and omega 6 oils. I haven't really explored their lip products before but I was impressed. The only makeup products I've tried from Marcelle is their Luminous Face Powder and Translucent Face Power which I really like.

Annabelle is the third brand I wanted to mention today. This is another Canadian drugstore brand, and my favourite product I've discovered is the skinny mascara. Annabelle as a brand wants to inspire you to bring your beautiful. These V.I.P Lipsticks are available in 12 shades and claim to be "a new spin on lip shine" with a sheer to medium payoff. They also have three finishes; lustrous, glitter and metallic. These are ultra-creamy formulated with moringa butter, vitamin e and a delicate guava perfume.

I'm sorry, I didn't swatch or mention the shades that I have above. I forgot to note them down and I really wanted to post for National Lipstick Day. If you're curious let me know, and I'll respond with the shades. I will add swatches as well.

*PR Samples Provided.

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