Weekly Recap; My current read, Morning routine and listening to your child.

Weekly Recap; My current read, Morning routine and listening to your child.

It's that time again, Friday afternoon and the weekend is coming soon. I want to start having more personal content on this blog and I'm thinking about weekly check-ins. I want to work on more free form writing and getting my thoughts put down in writing. I think weekly and/or bi-weekly check-ins would work. Let me first say; Montreal weather is COLD. As my son and I were walking to school this morning my legs started hurting and I realized it was much colder than I expected. I checked my weather app and it was showing "feels like -28 degrees Celcius.) I was not ready for that. Saturday is supposed to be cold and snowy, and I don't plan to do too much. This winter I've really been enjoying staying home and taking it easy as much as possible.

This week was the second week back to school for my son, and I started to realize the anxiousness he was experiencing before the winter break is not going away. He's 6 and in Kindergarten. My husband and I were talking and we decided it was time to speak to his teacher. We need a better understanding of his day. Caleb is a sensitive kid, and change is hard for him and we feel like it's important to acknowledge his feelings. He continually says he's "not feeling well" and he was getting frustrated because he felt like no one believed him. I told his teacher that I believe it's anxiousness and that's him trying to express himself. We get no feedback from his teacher, nothing and I need that to change. I emailed her and explained what is going on, and I see Caleb's hesitancy when I drop his off in the morning. I was leaving one morning before Christmas break and he was crying behind his jacket and it broke my heart. I came to work and cried myself. I have a meeting with the school this upcoming week, and I know we can all work together to help him feel more comfortable. There's something missing that we need to figure out. I think it's too easy to think "it'll all work out" and it will eventually but if there's something we can do to help, I want to do that. On a positive note, Caleb started back with his extracurriculars this week; he has a Boxing Class and a Jiu-Jitsu class. As soon as he walked into the gym his Jiu-Jitsu coach said "there's my champ" and his smile was priceless.

As for me, my morning routine has always been to make tea and bring it to the office in my thermos. I started making a pot of tea and having a small cup at home in addition to my thermos, and I've been enjoying that cup at home. I've been a tea drinker for years and my tea collection started to come down because I really wanted to use up what I have. Tea does expire, and I bought some new loose teas that I've been loving. The picture above shows my new David's Tea Nordic Mug, and the Glittering Chai Black tea. I'm also sitting down for 10 minutes in the morning and reading, I'm also trying to fir some reading into my evening. At the moment, I'm reading From The Ashes by Jesse Thistle and it's good. I had it on my e-reader but seeing it on Canada Reads 2020 Longlist made me pick it up soon. Jesse is a Metis author, and this also helps me with my goal of reading more Indigenous reads. If you don't know what Canada Reads is, it's a battle of the books that CBC Canada has every year. I can't wait for the shortlist to be announced.

That's about it for this week; I've been feeling really good. I thought I would feel a bit overwhelmed this week with the activities back on the schedule but it went really well. I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend.


  1. Wow, that is seriously cold!! It's around 4 degrees here in Ireland and we think it's freezing! So sorry to hear about Caleb's anxiety. Have you spoken to any of the other parents to see how their kids are settling in? He responded so well to his coach that he obviously loves positive reinforcement and maybe his teacher takes a different approach. It must break your heart x

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  2. Brr! We've been whining because it was only 50F today.

    Poor Caleb! I'm sure you'll figure something out to help him.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Caleb's anxiety with school. I hope that the meeting will be productive and that you'll have a plan going forward.

    Being in Ottawa we have very similar weather to you guys. It felt like -28 when I came to work this morning. I love winter and I love the snow, but I could do without these crazy colds and wind chills!

    Taking some time for yourself in the morning is a great idea! I'm always rushing around and leaving the house at the last minute. I set my alarm early enough, but stay in bed 30-45 minutes listening to the radio, lol!