Monthly Lifestyle Favorites (Tea Hippie, Davids Tea, Airpods, Manitobah Mukluks, Amazon Kindle)

Monthly Lifestyle Favorites (Tea Hippie, Davids Tea, Airpods, Manitobah Mukluks, Amazon Kindle)

Am I the only one who felt like January flew by? I kept seeing posts about January feeling so long and drawn out, and I didn't feel that way at all. I guess that's a good thing. I'm not a fan of winter, but I do like slowing down, staying home and enjoying the coziness of home. In an attempt to include more lifestyle content, I want to start posting my monthly favourites. I've been including more book content and I'm working to expand this blog. I want this to be my creative space, my corner of the internet and I want to keep it open and fun. I hope these changes are positive. I'm excited about the possibilities. Let's get into the favourites!

Tea Hippie Butter Beer, and David's Tea Nordic Mugs

A pot of tea is essential to my morning routine. I make a pot, pour a mug of tea and fill up my thermos for work. This month I've been on a hunt to find new loose teas. I found a Canadian shop on Etsy called Tea Hippie and they had really interesting blends. I immediately saw some Harry Potter inspired blends and I couldn't wait to try Butter Beer. This is a black tea (my favourite) that includes; almonds, coriander, red peppercorns and natural flavouring. It's really good and I can see myself ordering more from this shop. I've also been enjoying some new Nordic Mugs from David's Tea. Honestly, I have about 15 of these mugs and they are just perfect. I love the shape, size and the designs. This particular cat mug is colour changing. When you add water, stars show up. So cute!

Apple Airpods

I wanted Airpods, didn't want to spend that much money. I bought knock offs, and they weren't loud enough. I bought a midrange Bluetooth set and they were not comfortable, at all. I learned my lesson and bought Airpods. I didn't want to try another set that I wouldn't like and waste more money. I'm an Apple girl, and I've used their wired earbuds for years and years and they fit perfectly in my ears. I'm really happy that I bought them, and they've been wonderful on my commute to work. I travel by metro and it can be loud, and this is great to block out the conversations around me. The earbuds charge when you put them back into the case, and the case lasts quite a while before I need to recharge them.

Manitobah Mukluks 

I was in the market for new winter boots and wanted something that was waterproof, warm and comfortable. I heard of an Indigenous brand called Manitobah Mukluks and really liked the designs. I went back and forth on which pair I would get, and ultimately decided on the waterproof Tamarack boots in black. They are SO comfortable, the leather has held up wonderful, and the slushy streets of Montreal has not penetrated these waterproof boots. I'm going to continue to purchase from this brand, I'm always happy to support Indigenous-owned companies. I can tell you these are quality boots. When I walk in the snow, it leaves behind teepee imprints in the snow. It's the small things in life that make me happy. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I own and read exclusively on a Kobo Aura One ereader. However, some books are not available through Kobo and I decided it was time to own both ereaders. Hello, Colleen Hoover... I also like that I can send my reviews books through my kindle email and it will show up on the reader. Also, Amazon seems to run its own sales and now I can take advantage of those too. I still read mostly on my Kobo because the majority of my books are on that one, but will benefit from having both.

I hope you had a great January!


  1. I felt that January flew by too! My Hubby loves his airpods - I'm tempted to get a pair! x

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  2. I really want some Apple Airpods!