New Routines and Check-in

I've officially been working from home for over 10 weeks. The first few weeks were stressful, I didn't think I could do it while parenting all day and now I've settled in. Honestly, I would be fine working from home indefinitely. I really do enjoy it, and I'm quite surprised. It's still stressful with me having my son at home but it works. We homeschool in the evenings, and we do our best. Somedays homeschool doesn't happen and that's okay too.

Our province started opening back up elementary schools and I really didn't want to send my son back. It caused a lot of anxiety for me, a lot. We don't feel comfortable going back to this normal, where there is the potential to get sick but the hospitals have the capacity for us. My city is the epicentre in Canada, our numbers were still high and finally, the provincial government decided to keep the schools closed in our city. Outside areas have opened back up but we are closed until the new school year. Day camps are opening up but it seems like it will be limited capacity and I don't think we will send our son.

This is really hard to navigate while trying to decide what is best for your family, I feel like so many people have given up and decided this isn't that serious. We're back to "only the old die, or it's just like the flu" I'm taking it very seriously, I'm also asthmatic and I've seen my Mom on a ventilator. I don't ever want to see someone I love on a ventilator again. I'm staying home as much as possible when I do go get essentials- I wear a non-surgical mask.  Wash your hands when you get home! My husband is on the same page, and I'm so grateful.

I work during the day, homeschool after supper and my downtime has been reading. I can't read anything heavy, it's been mostly romance and women's fiction that I've been reading. I also started doing Pilates in the morning before work. I would normally walk my son to school and then walk to the metro and get a pretty decent amount of steps in every day. Working from home, the walks ended. I found my body just hurting and I decided to do something about it. I'm following Blogilates and using the Beginner 2.0 Calendar. She has these calendars that correspond to youtube videos and I've done Pilates in the past and really loved it. I put the videos on my TV, lay down my mat and do the exercises. I love pilates because you don't need a lot of space. She does send out a new calendar each month, which I hope to continue. I will check in once I completed the month and let you know how it went.

I've been cutting everyone's hair at my house, including my own. It's amazing what you can learn on Youtube. Thankfully we have hair clippers at home, I would like to purchase hair scissors because I used regular scissors on my own hair which I know is not good.

That's what I've been up to. I will have a few beauty reviews coming soon. I haven't been purchasing or wearing alot of makeup but I do have a few things I would like to review. I hope you're all doing okay, and finding a new routine and staying safe.

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  1. I feel the same as you - some people seem to think it's over but it's far from it and a second wave would be worse. I'm cocooning until August 10th unless our government extends it. I've had it and between Covid, real flu and then tonsillitis, I've experienced a full relapse in my Lyme and I can't remember the last year that I felt so unwell. Thankfully, my husband can work from home and we get shopping delivered. If he does need to leave the house, he wears a mask and gloves. I can't imagine a time when I'll go out in public without a mask at this stage!

    You're doing a great job fitting everything in xx