Huda Beauty Nude Light Palette (Review and Swatches)


Huda Beauty Nude Light Palette and Swatch

It's been quite a while since I reviewed any makeup products. 2020 and working from home, I didn't really test out many new products. Most days I didn't bother to wear makeup however, makeup really does excite me and I do love testing out new products. I'm hoping 2021 will allow me to get back on track with blogging. One of my newest eyeshadow palettes was the Huda Beauty Nude Light palette and I wanted to share a review.

This palette is available in three versions: light, medium and deep. They were created to suit every skin tone and eye colour. The Nude Light palette is "a beautiful balance of light and creamy praline hues in both warm and cool tones. It features peachy shades with unexpected pops of lavender and mauve." The colour story of this palette is really true to Huda's brand. I loved that this could be a quick and easy palette, and also a small palette to keep in an everyday makeup bag. These little nine pan palettes are really fun, and this is the third one I've purchased from her. 

As for the formula, it's fairly pigmented but you do have to build up the colour, especially the lighter shades. The brown could be more pigmented to add more depth to the eye looks. The mattes do not have a lot of kickup and they blend very nicely. The shimmer shades are gorgeous, but I do need to wet them to help keep them on the lid. I have hooded eyes and without wetting them, they transfer and don't last as long. I prefer to use a wet brush to pick them up, they feel dry when just using my finger to apply the metallics. I've also considered putting down glitter glue to have less transfer. 

Huda Beauty Nude Light Palette and Swatch

This is a permanent palette which is nice. It's hard to keep up with the makeup world when all these products are limited edition. I am thinking about picking up the Medium palette as well. I think it would just give me a deeper look but still work on my light skin. This palette does consist of 5 matte shades and 4 shimmers/metallic shades. I'm a shimmer lover and appreciate when there's a nice mix of both matte and shimmery. This palette is housed in a sturdy plastic case, the previous obsession palettes were cardboard. Huda's new Naughty palette looks stunning, and I am curious about the palette. Have you tried any of these? 

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  1. It's very pretty! I have my eye on her Khaki palette at the moment! x