The Inheritance Games, Hawthorne Legacy, The Final Gambit [Book Series Review]

The Inheritance Games, Hawthorne Legacy, The Final Gambit [Book Series Review]

If you've heard about this series and haven't read it, read it. If you're curious about this series and you haven't read it- read it. If I haven't been clear enough; I highly recommend this series. This was a fast-paced, entertaining read that I couldn't put down until all three books were read.

The Inheritance Games follows Avery Grambs. She is seventeen years old, living with her sister after her mother passes away and life is looking bleak. Avery and Libby share the same father who is non-existent in their lives, they don't know each other that well but Avery knows Libby has a heart of gold and didn't have to take her in. Avery has to figure out her future though. Her plan is to survive high school, get a scholarship and find a steady job in a safe career. When Avery is called to the office and told that she must come to the reading of Tobias Hawthorne's will, she is very confused and has no idea who this man is. After looking him up and realizing he's worth billions, yes billions, she decides she has to go and see what this is about. Did this man know her mother? When Tobias Hawthorne leaves the majority of his fortune to Avery, she has no clue why. She’s shocked and very bewildered. Tobias Hawthorne's four grandsons and daughters are not exactly excited to be practically disinherited and want to know what Avery did to trick Mr. Hawthorne into giving it all to her. Avery has one condition; she has to live at Hawthorns House for one year before inheriting the billions, and the extended family will continue living there as well. Awkward? Yes. Filled with tension? Yes. Safe? To be determined.

Hawthorne House is massive; a sprawling estate that had new additions added every year by Mr Hawthorne. It has hidden passageways, secret compartments and Avery starts to believe there is something more she needs to uncover. It's clear that Avery is in over her head, but she finds an ally in one grandson named Jameson. He also believes there's more to this knowing his grandfather's affinity for riddles and complicated puzzles. The grandsons were constantly subjected to these growing up, they were destined for greatness and Tobias expected no less. Grayson, Nash and Xander are not as keen as Jameson to unravel this secret but soon Avery and the boys are trying to solve this puzzle. Dark secrets are uncovered and it's clear not everyone believes them or wants them to be uncovered.

Each of the three books continues not long after the previous book ended, which made it really easy to pick up the next book and keep reading. I was never confused or trying to remember what happened, the books flowed very well together. I really love Jennifer Lynn Barnes writing style. All three books take place over the span of Avery's first year living at Hawthorne House. Each one has a series of puzzles and clue's that she's trying to figure out. There is a love triangle dangling over Avery, it kept me interested but I wanted to know more about Tobias Hawthorne's intentions with his legacy. The grandsons really stole my heart, they each had their own characteristics and they were easy to remember each one. Their relationships with Avery were also very different. It's been a while since I picked up a YA series and I'm so happy that I gave this a chance. I read the first two books, just as the third was released and I was able to read the entire series over a week and I NEVER do this. I usually like to take a break between books but I couldn't put these down. Again, I loved these books. Don't let a Young Adult label deter you from reading this. I'm in my thirties and loved them. 

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