The Tea Club Explorer Subscription | Dollar Tea Club Subscription | Sample Tea Subscription

The Tea Club Explorer Subscription | Dollar Tea Club | Sample Tea Subscription

The Tea Club (Dollar Tea Club) is a subscription service that I come back to over and over. I genuinely love their teas, and I love that I can try samples before I commit to a larger bag. This time of year, I drink copious amounts of tea and I restarted my subscription to The Tea Club. I had stopped over the summer to try to use up all the samples that I had but it was time to re-subscribe and top up my tea stock. 

This tea company is based in Canada, but available in the US and Canada. I am subscribed to The Explorer subscription, for this selection you receive 3 samples for 3$, plus 3.99$ for shipping. These sample bags do have enough in them to brew a few cups and it does allow me to really try them out. You can subscribe to higher tiers which have more tea options but I like that this subscription allows me to add full-size bags when I want to purchase them. I can also make an order separately from my subscription if I want my tea more quickly. If you choose to skip a month, you can do that as well. 

This month I received; Spiced Bourbon a Rooibos, Mango Yoghurt an herbal tea, and Pumpkin Patch which is a black tea. Each month you receive a variety of teas including green tea for those who are curious. There is also a referral service, which provides your friends with 1$ off, and you receive a 1$ credit as well. There are also different referral tiers which include gifts. You can use my code REFZTPNTJUWG5 for 1$ off here. I just reached 50 referrals and received a 35$ credit which allowed me to stock up on teas. Here is what I bought:

The Tea Club Explorer Subscription | Dollar Tea Club Subscription | Sample Tea Subscription

If you've been thinking about trying them out, go ahead I really love their service and their teas. I vouch for this company all the time, I pay for this service with my own money. If you want to try something new, and you want a subscription that costs less than 10$ a month and still gives you the option to opt out give this a try. Let me know what you think. I love their blends!

My code is REFZTPNTJUWG5. You can cancel at any time. The Tea Club Link.

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