Happily Never After by Lynn Painter (Book Review)

Happily Never After by Lynn Painter (Book Review)

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The book begins with Sophie Steinbeck standing on the alter, it's her wedding day and she's desperately hoping her plan works. She does not want to get married, her fiance has cheated once again, but her father works for her almost father-in-law and she feels stuck. When a man stands up, and objects to the wedding, calling out her fiance for cheating, she realizes her plan worked and a professional objector was the perfect ploy to get out of this. 

I picked up Happily Never After after I DNF'ed a previous book I wasn't in the mood to read. I was afraid of a book slump but this was the perfect read. This book had me hooked right away. A professional "objector" was such an interesting storyline. As the book continues and Sophie becomes friends with Max, her "objector", she is asked to join him in these "objections". I loved Sophie's elderly roommates, Larry and Rose, and her stubbornness to take over the apartment from her ex-fiance Stuart even though she couldn't afford it. Sophie's budding friendship with Max is so fun, and of course, they fall in love. I really loved this book, and highly recommend it. 

I haven't read many Lynn Painter books. I did really enjoy Better than the Movies and The Love Wager, and now I'm really tempted to read more of her backlist. I will say this is my favorite of the three that I've read. This book will be released in March 2024, and if this sounds like a fun read, please go preorder the book or request it at your local library. It was such a fun read!


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Rating: 5 Stars

Happily Never After by Lynn Painter (Book Review)

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