Kara ES07 (Subculture Alternative) Swatch and Review

Kara ES07 Subculture Affordable Alternative
Kara ES07

The Kara ES07 has a similar color scheme as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. I've been going back and forth with the Subculture palette after all the controversy. Initially, I didn't like the colors and wasn't sure how I would wear them, but I started seeing some beautiful looks that peaked my interest. When alot of influences kept saying the Subculture palette wasn't "beginner friendly" I decided not to pick it up and try the ES07 palette first.

I bought this palette on Ikatehouse for 14.99$, this was my second Kara 35 eyeshadow palette and I hoped it would be similar quality. When it arrived, I couldn't wait to swatch and try it. If you're a beauty blogger you know the feeling of waiting until you get you're product shot...before playing with a product. I quickly fell in love with this palette, and the colors. Now, I'm putting the Subculture palette back on my wishlist because I would like to try it. 

The shimmers are very foiled, and I wear them both with or without a setting spray. The mattes are creamy, blend very nice, are are very pigmented. I have no issues with the staying power for these shadows. I always use a primer, mostly a Mac Paint Pot. 

The Kara 35 eyeshadow palettes comes in the generic black plastic packaging, but it does have a mirror and the palette name is printed on the front. I'm so happy I picked up this palette, and it's quickly become a favorite. 
Kara ES07 Subculture Alternative
ES07 Swatches
Kara ES07
Kara ES07


  1. The pigment looks really good and there are so many more eyeshadows in this that the subculture palette!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. The tones in this are very similar to subculture you're right! I don't think I'd use subculture enough for the price and this might be a good alternative to consider!
    Helpless Whilst Drying xx

  3. This looks like a really great affordable alternative to Subculture! xx


  4. I don't know the brand, but the shadows look gorgeous <3 I love these kind of shades x

    Pink Frenzy

  5. Oh I definitely get subculture vibes from this, great way to see if you'd like the real thing!

    The Makeup Directory

  6. Oh wow! This was an excellent alternative to Subculture. The quality looks better! What a great purchase. It's perfect for Fall.

  7. What a gorgeous alternative to the Subculture palette! It looks like it'll be perfect for Autumn xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  8. This palette looks amazing! The fall colors are so beautiful and such a great price too! XOXO


  9. This seems like a much better alternative, especially because you get more shades to work with! Subculture didn't appeal to me much but this one looks a lot more useable x


  10. This looks like a much better alternative to the Sub Culture palette. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  11. Honestly, this looks WAY better than Subculture! I can definitely see myself getting a hold of this!


  12. Wow! These look pretty good and you get more shades than the subculture palette! It's a win win! Xx

    Toni | sheergloss