Lifestyle Favorites September 2017

Lifestyle Favorites September 2017
September Lifestyle Favorite

September is almost over, and I'm so excited for fall to come. It's my favorite season of the year, and I have a two week vacation coming up. We'll be going back to our hometown, and I get to relax for two whole weeks! I plan to get alot of reading and blogging done. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite lifestyle items that I've been loving. I'm still testing out the waters on this blog, and I thought it would be a nice addition.

The first item I wanted to share was my Kobo Aura One ereader. I've read exclusively on an ereader for a few year now, and it works great for me. I don't have alot of space for books and an ereader gives me the ability to have hundreds and hundreds of books available to me. This reader has a big screen, it has a 7.8 inch screen and I can bring it in the bath and not worry about it getting wet since it is waterproof. The comfort light makes reading in the day or night very easy and it doesn't strain my eyes.

The second item I wanted to share was David's Tea fall collection. I have a large collection of loose teas and don't tend to buy many new teas right now since I'm trying to finish up what I have. However, when David's Tea comes out with their fall collection I can't resist. I bought their colour changing Nordic Mug and it's adorable. Absolutely adorable... check out this video to see what it does.

David's Tea Colour Changing Mug Fall 2017
Nordic Mug

I also picked up Pumpkin Chai tea because it's my favorite. I actually need to stock up before it's gone. I also tried their White Chocolate Chai and it's really good. Chai's are my favorite type of teas. I

I last item I've really need enjoying it this small ring light that attaches to my iPhone. It helps when I'm taking pictures and it was really inexpensive. You can find them on Amazon or Ebay. This will also travel with me to help with blog photos on the go.

I decided to not give up on my book blog, and with the cooler weather and hockey season coming. I think I will be able to get back into reading and reviewing. I won't put any pressure on myself and will blog at Mrs Q Book Addict when I feel like it. I also decided to keep my Instagram and Twitter as a cross promotional tool. It was too hard keeping all these separate accounts.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. It's been so much fun, and I'm so excited to keep posting. Have you tried David's Tea? They have a large presence in Canada, and I believe they have some stores in US as well. Do you like tea?


  1. I love Chai tea as well. I only tried it for the first time this year! I've had David's Tea at a friends and it was great. I'd love to buy some one of these days!

  2. I prefer coffee over tea but my fiance is obsessed with tea, last winter we had a cupboard full of different kinds and flavours and he was really enjoying it! x


  3. I have the Kobo app on my phone and it's really handy for reading during the day or between classes! :)

  4. That mug is completely adorable! I haven't ever had David's Tea so they don't do it in the UK but I'd totally love to try as I've heard all good things :)

    Shiana xx

  5. I'm not a fan of tea (or coffee), which is very strange as an Irish person because almost everybody I know drinks tea - "every hour, on the hour" was my Granda's motto when it came to tea!

    Enjoy your vacation! xx


  6. I love chai tea but I've only ever tried original flavours...pumpkin sounds delicious!

  7. Great list of favorites.

  8. I love the mugs from David's Teas! The designs are so pretty and minimalist.


  9. One of my blog buddies gifted me David Tea. It also had the cutest mug that turned from clouds to sunshine when you poured something hot in it. I loved their Birthday Tea as well. I need to get an ereader.

  10. I love tea. I make it Indian Chai style and have to drink 2-3 cups daily. I have been using Kindle for a past 3-4 years I guess. I do love books but it is very difficult to carry when we are moving out to another country.:-)