Weekly Get To Know Me: Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora's annual VIB sale has been announced and as a VIB member, I received an email with the dates for the sale that applies to me. This sale is really hyped because Sephora only does 2 sales a year. I may be wrong, but I do think it's twice a year... As the sale gets closer and the Rouge members goes first, I find it very hard not to cave and keep adding things to my wishlist. I see so many large lists and the temptation is real. Yes, 20% is great but I have to keep in mind the upcoming holiday season and my budget.

I spoke about blogging on a budget before, and not using my blog as an excuse to buy all the things. This will also have to apply to me during this sale. I set a budget, and I need to stick to it. I've bought quite a few makeup items lately, and I can't use this sale as an excuse. I want to encourage others to not feel bad because the sale is approaching and you're not buying a large list of items.

I'm still not set on what I'm planning to purchase. I was thinking about the Too Faced Boss Lady Set. I haven't tried many Too Faced Products, the palette looks nice and I do use a planner. Also, the Tarteist Pro Palette; I've bought so many warm palettes lately. This one has more variety. I was also thinking about the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation. I've heard alot of good things about the foundation and I haven't tried many higher end foundations. Looking at the value packs, the Smashbox Decked In Decked Out set looks really good. It has the two eyeshadow palettes (Blaze and Sultry) with the mini Pearl Palette. I love the Pearl Palette and wouldn't mind a smaller one for travel.

My mom has been asking me what I want for Christmas and I may pick out a palette. My mom would never go into a Sephora, so I'll have to pick it up for her. I'll probably purchase in store since it's easy for me to go and look at the items before choosing.

Are you excited for the sale? Are you like me- trying to reel it in and not give into temptation? I'll post about what I picked up once I finally decide and see what's left when I purchase. I'm really scared about items selling out.


  1. Yasss! x For me, with sales, I can't really control myself and go overboard slightly - I might have to take a leaf out of your book and stick to a budget! x Awe, I hope you pick up a stunning palette - there are so many amazing choices at the minute! x
    Marina xx

  2. I wish we had Sephora in the UK!! Looking forward to seeing what you buy.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  3. I love seeing everything people have been adding to their wishlists for this sale lately, especially on Twitter! Ahh, crossing my fingers for a Sephora in the UK some day :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  4. 20% is a great saving! Looking forward to your haul! xx


  5. I used to buy SO much makeup just for the sake of reviewing it on the blog. I mean I would use it too but then wait for the next big thing and then toss it to the side. Honestly it contributed to a lot of my debt. As far as the Sephora VIB sale, I bought the new Hourglass Ambient 3 palette (even though it's 80) because my mom gave me a $50 Sephora gift card for my birthday, and with that coupled with the sale I only ended up paying $20 out of my pocket for it.


  6. I love reading and watching the VIB sale wish list. This sale is always tempting and I have a list too. There are a few products that I really want to try and have been postponing them for long time (I always do that next time thing) Waiting to see what you buy. :-)

  7. I feel like if they were here in UK I would totally go crazy in the sales as I find it so hard to resist a saving or bargain. I usually do one Sephora order a year for my birthday but this year I am not tempted by anything at all xxx

  8. I am on a budget as well, mainly because my stash is ridiculous, but it helps that Sephora Germany doesn´t do sales here...

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  9. I'm VIB Rouge and had a list prepared. But I have so many unfinished products, that I'm thinking about skipping it except for one item I use a lot. It's hard maintaining control. LOL

  10. If I had willpower, I would save the majority of my spending for these sales twice a year. But willpower I do not have! I didn't go too crazy with this sale but I was able to spend a little more since my bf gifted me money for it for my birthday. Otherwise, I would have bought way less with my own money.