Revolution Beauty X Tammi Tropical Paradise Eyeshadow Palette (Review and Swatches)

Revolution Beauty X Tammi Tropical Paradise (Review and Swatches)

Youtuber Tammi, and Revolution Beauty teamed up to create the unique Tropical Paradise palette that launched this summer. The Tropical shades really stood out to me and I was excited to try shades I wouldn’t normally wear. This palette has 12 mattes, 9 shimmers including a bottom row with two transition shades and one matte highlighter shade. While it does have unique tropical shades, it also has some nice neutrals; making this a versatile palette. I’m a neutral girl and it doesn’t matter how many neutrals I have, I continue to add more neutral colours to my collections. 

The packaging on this palette is rose gold, and beautiful. If you’re familiar with the Soph X Revolution Extra Spice palette, it is the same. The Flawless 4 also has the rose gold packaging. It picks up finger prints very easily but when you shine it up, it is so pretty. The shades are not listed on the package, but there is a plastic overlay that I tape to the back of the palette. There is no space in the palette for the shades names, the palette would have had to be bigger to incorporate the names. There is a nice mirror for those who like mirrors.

While this did launch in the summer months, it shouldn’t be considered a strict summer palette. It has nice cranberry and orange shades which are perfect for fall, and very trendy this year. The formula is on par with Revolution Beauty. The mattes blend very nice and the shimmers really pop on the lid. I always foil my shimmers with a setting spray, and I do this with these as well. One thing I will say about this palette is that I need to go in with a lighter transition shade, all of the shades available are too dark for me to initially apply to my eye. I like to slowly build my crease colour and this palette doesn’t have a mid tone color that I like to first apply. This palette would work perfect for those with medium to darker skin tones. Tammi herself is a woman of colour, and designed the palette with her skin tone in mind. It will still work for all fair skin, but if you’re like me- you might have to pull in one shade for the transition.

Overall, this is a fun palette that I’ve been enjoying in my collection. Tammi is a great Youtuber to check out. She is a woman of colour, an honest reviewer, and she’s a mom of twins. She tends to wear a lot of affordable brands which I do like. I was very excited to see her collaborate with the brand. Watching Tammi’s introduction video, you can really tell she put her heart into this palette.

You can purchase the palette here.

Revolution Beauty X Tammi Tropical Paradise (Review and Swatches)


  1. It does seem to have a really good mix of shades, especially the deeper mattes, but I agree with you, it could have done with some medium mattes to make it perfect! x

    Velvet Blush

  2. They definitely have some good shades here, it looks really nice. Thank you for sharing Jennifer xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. These are such summery colours! I'm more than sure that so many looks could be made with this palette.
    Amber |

  4. These are stunning shades and I love the variety!! I would love to add it to my collection!!