6 Beauty Gifts For A Beauty Lover (Silicone Facial Brush, Spot Cleaner, Makeup Sponge, Flawless Finish Facial Hair Remover, Color Switch, Sigma Brush Mat)

6 Beauty Gifts For A Beauty Lover (Silicone Facial Brush, Spot Cleaner, Makeup Sponge, Flawless Finish Facial Hair Remover, Color Switch, Sigma Brush Mat)

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1. Silicone Facial Cleaner:There's many on the market, but this is the one that I picked up on Amazon. It works so well, and the charge lasts and lasts for months. I use this daily, and will even use it to remove makeup swatches on my arm and you will be so surprised how easily the swatches wash away. The leaner shape of this cleanser makes it so easy to wash your face and get into all the spots you want. I highly recommend this one.

2. Makeup Brush Spot Cleaner: I've been using this Quo Makeup Brush cleaner for daily spot cleaning. As soon as I'm done with the eye brushes that I used, I spray a paper towel and spot clean my brushes. This has been a game changer, because my favorite brushes are always ready to go. Since I don't use that many brushes in the morning, this doesn't add too much time to my routine. This Quo cleaner can be found at Shoppers Drugmart and I absolutely love it.(Purchase*)

3. Makeup Sponge: The sponge listed above is from Morphe and it's my favorite sponge. Ecotool has a similar shaped sponge that I really like as well. I think these would both be great gifts for the beauty lover in your life. This flat side makes it so easy to blend foundation or cleanup with powder. (Purchase*)

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4. Flawless Finish Facial Hair Remover: This little tool is painless and very easy to use. You can use it above your lip, chin, and peach fuzz. It's small and discrete and doesn't both my sensitive skin. I can also immediately apply skincare without being bothered. The light that shines is really helpful, it makes it easy to see where you need to remove hair. They also have an eyebrow version and a leg version that I would love to try.

5. Vera Mona Color Switch: The little tool helps to wipe away shadows and be able to use the same brush instantly. I have purchased a cheaper version but the Vera Mona version does hold up better over time. Either way a color switch would be a great stocking stuffer or present. These can be wash and reused over and over. These are also great for travel when you don't want to bring too many brushes. (Purchase*)

6. Sigma Brush Mat: A brush mat is great when cleaning your brushes. We all hesitate when it comes to washing our brushes but it's really important for hygienic reasons. You want to take care of your brushes and a brush mat can help with the cleaning process. This particular mat can be used for all your brushes with  seven different texture sections. Again, you can find more affordable versions but I've heard great things about this mat. (Purchase*)

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  1. I definitely need to get a silicone facial cleanser. It sounds like it would be effective. :]

    // Carmen

  2. These are all so useful. Every beauty lover would find them useful.


  3. Ohhhmmy i need to try this sigma brush cleaners
    Great share babe

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic