Profusion Infatuation Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Profusion Infatuation Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

I've heard alot about Profusion Cosmetics around the beauty community and as much as I wanted to try them, I don't have a lot of access to their products living in Canada. You know me, and I do enjoy trying out affordable brands. I was happy to find this palette at my local Winners. I finally had a chance to try this palette. Berry tones are really capturing my attention this winter season and I couldn't pass up this affordable palette.  

First, I love the tones of this palette; the berries, purples and the neutrals. The bronze shades are also gorgeous. My first look at the palette, I saw that I could get a variety of looks with this palette- I could stay within the palette without having to pull in another one. It has a nice mix of matte and shimmers shades which I do appreciate. The mattes are not the most pigmented matte shades but they build very well. I can easily work with them. The darker shades you need to pack on the lid. 

This palette comes in plastic packaging with a clear lid. It does scratch easily. It also comes with a two sided brush that works really well. Often, as consumers we're provided with brushes that really are not functional but this brush was good, especially for beginners who need brushes. I think it's also a great brush to put in a travel bag because it's multi functional. The palette itself would be great to travel with because it has sturdy packaging, and you can create full looks. You're not missing mid tone shades or deeper shades, you really have a nice range of colors. 

I would love to try more Profusion products, the Confidence palette, the Siennas and the Pro Pigment palettes are on my wishlist. I'll have to see if I can purchase online. I'm not sure where I can get them but I will be on the look out for them. Have you tried any Profusion palettes? What do you recommend?

You can find this Profusion palette on their site here.

Profusion Infatuation Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches


  1. I want one of these palettes so bad! Didn't realize Winners had them - I'll have to stop at one. Thanks!

    Angela |

    1. I keep looking to see if they have more. They had it for 12.99$.