Pur Cosmetics Lit Mist Review

Pur Cosmetics Lit Mist Review

I'm a huge fan of setting mists and use a mist every day after I apply my makeup. It helps to melt all the powders into the skin and hold your makeup in place. I have dry skin, lasting power isn't a main concern of mine but I do believe using a setting mist will help make it last longer. The Pur Cosmetics Lit Mist is an illuminating setting spray that is supposed to hydrate, give you a glow, set your makeup and protect against "high energy visible" blue light. At first glance, this reminded me of the Cover FX Illuminating spray. It has tiny shimmers at the bottom of the bottle and you will need to shake it up before use. Unlike the Coverfx Illuminating spray this is more subtle and I don't notice any shimmer particles on my face but it does give me a nice glow. 

The nozzle can be hit or miss on a setting spray and I felt like this nozzle worked very well. It does disperse enough product quickly and evenly. I did experience my bottle leaking around the rim but once I tightened it, I didn't have that problem anymore. As for the scent of the mist, it reminds me of grapefruit. It does feel a bit tacky for a few minutes after you apply it. It will dry down further and the tackiness will go away.

This mist has a combination of ginseng, green tea, and vitamin B that "helps boost the skin's natural metabolism and rejuvenate the skin. It also has glycerin, coconut acid, safflower seed oil that helps to nourish the skin.

Overall, I'm really like this mist. I can't say anything about the blue light claim because it's not something that I know much about. I like the glow this does give me and the nozzle works great, I haven't had any issues. I think the price is also fair which is important to me because I go through mists pretty quickly. If you've been wondering about this, I do recommend it. 

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  1. This sounds great! At the moment, I just can't see past the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist - I'm obsessed! xx

    1. I really enjoyed the Morphe spray but I finished the bottle so quickly. I wish it had more product.

  2. It's sounds really good! I don't know much about blue light either!

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  4. I love using face mist too but I have not explored much. This one sounds good but I feel glow mists look too glowy on my oily skin. I gave away the Cover fx one to my sister. I love UD all nighter and the L'Oreal one.

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