Mascara Declutter (Essence Volume Hero, Smashbox Superfan, Annabelle Skinny Mascara)

Mascara Declutter (Essence Volume Hero, Smashbox Superfan, Annabelle Skinny Mascara)

Mascara is one of those beauty products that can be hit or miss, it really depends on your lashes and what you're looking for in a  mascara. One person can love a mascara and when you try it, it doesn't work. You also have to keep in mind the three-month expiry date, if you don't want to chance an eye infection. When it comes to mascara I tend to purchase more affordable brands, I think the drugstore has great options and it's not necessary to purchase high-end mascara. I do like to purchase mascara samplers that give you the option to try different high-end mini's and sometimes a voucher is provided that you can redeem for one full-size mascara. It's great because you can try the mini and know which full size will work best for you. I think those samplers are a great way to try more expensive options.

Let's get into the three I recently tested out...

Essence Volume Hero (Purchase)

When I saw this Essence mascara the name reminded me of the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. The Superhero mascara has been raved about, and normally Essence Mascara are some of my favourites. I wasn't sure of the wand, the plastic applicator didn't have that many bristles and it didn't look similar to the Superhero wand. I will say I was very disappointed with this Volume Hero. It really didn't add length or volume to my lashes. I'm decluttering this one and moving on. 

Smashbox Superfan (Purchase)

I've tried a few Smashbox mascara's and this is one that really surprised me. I wasn't sure if the wand would be something that I liked, but it works great. When applying this mascara it adds length, volume and separates my lashes really nicely. I can also use it on my bottom lashes without making a big mess. It wears well over the L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara Primer which I love to use to assist my mascara. This is one high-end mascara that I would repurchase and do recommend. The red tube is also very appealing. 

Annabelle Skinny Mascara (Purchase)

If you have lower lashes that seem few and far between, try this mascara. This wand will find every piece of hair and apply mascara. I love this skinny mascara, it does such a great job defining the lower lashes. It's also very simple to use because bigger brushes can make a mess on the lower lash line and cleaning up that mess isn't fun. I've already repurchased this one and I have an extra backup. That's how much I love this Skinny Mascara.

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  1. I have not used any of these! I just purchased Ilia's mascara that I am excited to try.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Great Post! I really have problems with a lot of mascaras and it is super hard for me to find the perfect one!