Book Review: The Violets of March by Sarah Jio

Book Review: The Violets of March by Sarah Jio

Publisher: Plume
Released: 2011
Source: Personal Copy
Rating: 5/5
Fun fact: I opened Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio on my e-reader and somehow the ebook was skipped all the way to the back and when I sat down to read, I had no idea I was reading a preview for The Violets of March. When I finished the preview, figured out what happened, I immediately when to Kobo to purchase the ebook. I had to continue the story. I was hooked. I needed more.

The story opens with Emily in the process of ending her marriage after learning that her husband has left her for another woman. Readers immediately feel for Emily and we start the journey with her to rebuild her life. Emily is an uninspired, bestselling author living off royalty checks. As much as she wants to write, nothing good is put to paper. Her best friend, Annabelle convinces her to get away, and Emily decides to visit her Aunt Bee who she uses to visit as a child during the summer. Emily returns to Bainbridge Island after many years away. The close relationship with her aunt is very apparent and admirable. When Emily discovers a red velvet diary, she’s not sure if she should tell Bee. She’s not sure who wrote the contents, but it’s dated 1943. This diary leads Emily on a wild goose chase, and her own family history is dug up. Family secrets are not always welcomed by everyone once they are uncovered.

I truly enjoyed Emily as a character. She’s stuck, her husband has left and her career doesn’t seem to be moving forward. How can you miss a man who left you for another woman? Emily does, and it’s hard to move on. Bee is a fabulous older lady, and her storyline is great. This is a story about forgiveness. Love doesn’t always conquer all. We are humans, we are faulty, we can be stubborn. Secrets do surface and family secrets can be hurtful. The dual storyline kept me glued to the pages. I highly recommend this one.

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  1. I think Jio is one of the best at the dual storyline. This sounds good!