Morphe 9D Painted Desert Artistry Eyeshadow Palette (Review and Swatches)

Morphe 9D Painted Desert Artistry Eyeshadow Palette (Review and Swatches)

Hello Fall! I'm a few days early but my makeup has been all about reds and oranges lately. When I saw this Morphe 9D Painted Desert palette was at my local Sephora I couldn't wait to pick it up. I also picked up the new 9T Neutral Territory palette, and a review will be coming. This is a great fall palette and the shades really drew me in. It has a nice range of light, medium and there is a brown that can help to add dimension.

Let's just talk about Morphe for a second. Morphe is a brand that I really enjoy, I know they get a lot of negative comments online though. When I was first getting into makeup, I started purchasing Morphe 35 pan palettes. I learned how to do my eyeshadow while using these palettes and the brand has really held my attention over the years. I'm careful who I choose to support because I don't really like a lot of the big influencers that they collaborate with. I don't feel like I'm in their market anyway. Recently, Morphe was sold in my local Sephora and they have a Canadian online store now, which I really do appreciate. Not all brands make an effort to sell in Canada, especially with the French language laws. I do take that into consideration when buying makeup. If a brand is too difficult to get here, why bother? Also, Canadian Exchange rate makes the higher-priced palettes REALLY expensive. As for Morphe's formula, I do feel like it has really improved over time. The price point is fantastic. Morphe shadows really work well on my eyes, better than some higher-priced palettes. I love metallic/foiled shadows and I always like the look that I create when using my Morphe palettes. Makeup is about having fun and feeling good.

The 9D Painted Desert palette is the best of the Morphe 9 pan palettes that I own. I have the Always Golden, Bronzed Babe and the Jewel Crew. These previous 9 pan palettes work well but they were pressed very firmly into the palettes and it took a few uses to loosen up the shadows, especially the shimmers which were hard to pick up with a brush. This palette is so smooth, pigmented and worked well right away. When I swatched it, I thought "wow, so buttery." The packaging is sturdy plastic, same as the others and it has a great mirror. I'm really happy with this palette and will be using it a lot for the colder months. They released a Morphe 35o3 Fierce by Nature palette, and I have that one on it's way to me.

Morphe 9D Painted Desert Artistry Eyeshadow Palette (Review and Swatches)

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  1. The colours are incredible xoxo Cris