Book Review: Reason to Breath by Rebecca Donovan

Book Review: Reason to Breath by Rebecca Donovan

Emma Thomson has a big secret, her best friend Sara knows a little bit about what’s going on, but Emma tries to not burden her with the details. Emma keeps her focus on school, sports, and extracurricular activities, she's an overachiever and will do anything to protect her secret. Her home life is the problem. She has two adorable cousins, an uncle who barely notices she’s home, and an aunt who will beat her with anything she can get her hands on. Emma’s father has passed away, and her mother is not in her life. Her aunt Carol doesn’t hesitate to spew hateful comments at Emma every chance she gets. George has chosen to ignore the situation, and blame Emma for provoking Carol. The children don’t really know what is going on, and Emma doesn’t want to be the one to take away their mother. When a new student named Evan Matthews shows up, Emma is no longer invisible and she starts to let her guard down. 

Reason to Breath is Rebecca Donovan’s debut novel, and she is incredibly talented. It’s impossible not to care about Emma, and not to feel her hurt. She’s tormented at home, counting down the days until she graduates and leaves home. She’s amazing at sports, they’re her way of escaping, she’s sure she can win a full scholarship and get out of her situation. Her aunt and uncle would never pay for school otherwise; they barely allow her to eat. Showering is timed, and whether she’s finished within five minutes or not, she must turn off the water. When the abuse begins to escalate, Emma begins pushing everyone away. They don’t understand her need to protect her young cousins.

Reason to Breath is full of suspense. I jumped right into reading the second book of the series, because I couldn’t wait. Donovan writes beautifully, skillfully unfolds the story and engages her readers.  I don’t want to give too much away. If you’re looking for a book that will have you fully engaged, emotionally attached and on the edge of your seat, you will need to read this book. Highly recommended! 


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