The Human Bobby by Gabe Rotter (Book Review)

The Human Bobby by Gabe Rotter (Book Review)

Bobby had it all, he lived a life anyone would envy. Upon graduating from med school, his best friend Eddie was offered a great opportunity to start a pediatric practice and Eddie recruited Bobby. Together success came easy and rapidly. Eddie was always the untamable friend, Bobby was much more sensible. Bobby watched Eddie date girl after girl. Bobby on the other hand soon married Ava, the girl he fell in love with in college. When the time was right, they welcomed a healthy baby boy and brought him home to a large, beautiful, polished Beverly Hills home. One quick moment, one quick lapse in judgment, and Bobby lost everything. He lost his wife, child, and best friend. He literally had nothing left. Bobby's life swiftly unraveled through a series of unpredictable events. Some may say- simple mistakes. The successful doctor soon found himself living on the streets in a tent bought by Eddie for a rugged, masculine weekend trip. Bobby slipped in and out of reality. His mental health was clearly struggling. His money was quickly beginning to be squandered, and his solace was found in a concoction of pills and alcohol. One man's hiccup turns into a whirlwind downward spiral.

One word: Wow. I opened this book and thought nothing of it. I expected his wife and child to perish in a car accident. I thought it would be predictable, and typical. This book was gripping, raw, and immensely engrossing. I could not put it down. Bobby's life was torn away, and I sat on the edge of my seat absorbed and astonished. The next time you see a homeless person living on the street you may think twice before you judge them. Gabe Rotter is an amazingly talented writer, and I will be adding his first book 'Duck, Duck Wally' to my wishlist. I was invested in every character, I loved them and disliked them all equally. Each of them had very human flaws. There is only one innocent character, baby Jack. If your significant other brings home a high school ex, I have one word of advice 'beware'. The Human Bobby is one of those books that you will force your friends to read. I was utterly consumed by his story. If you see this book at your local bookstore, look no further. If you're looking for a story to lose yourself in, this will be the one. Yes, highly recommended.

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  1. What an intense book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It just shows how easy it can be to go from top to bottom.