Colourpop She Palette and Gimme More Highlighter Palette Review

Colourpop Cosmetics Eyeshadow
She Palette

I purchased a few Coloupop items recently and wanted to share them. They released two Pressed powder eyeshadow palettes recently, and they sell out VERY quickly. I managed to get my hands on both, but I will review the Yes, Please palette once I've had more time to use it.

The She Palette is gorgeous! I love, love, love the colors and both the mattes and shimmers blend so well. Honestly, I was shocked. I felt like it was smoother than the few single Colourpop shades that I have. I was really impressed with this palette. The shadows are smaller than a single shadow pan, they're more like a 10 cent coin. However, my brush fits in fine - I use a Sigma E40. I have no issues with the size. The palette was smaller than I expected but it was very affordable and a great purchase. The packaging was also very well done. I will say that my palette came a little scuffed up, you can see this in the picture along the bottom. 

Colourpop Gimme More Highlight
Gimme More Highlighter

The Gimme More highlighter palette was tempting for me. This looked similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero highlighter palette, but I chose not to pick that one up because the shades looked too dark for my fair skin. The Colourpop palette has similar shades but was more affordable. The first four shades work really well when I mix the lighter shades with the medium shades. The last two shades seem too dark, but I will try them as eyeshadows. These highlighters look really nice on my face, and don't sit on my skin. They're not chunky or glittery. I am not a fan of glitter on my face. If you were interested in this one, I think it was worth it.  They also have single highlighters on sale, that look pretty. 

Swatched bottom going up, topwo 3 shades followed by bottom 3 shades. 

Our Beauty Cult has swatches of the two palettes, if you're interested.


  1. The eye shadow palette looks so pretty, wish it would be easier to get their products here x

    Pink Frenzy

  2. That palette looks gorgeous! I've yet to try out Colourpop, it seems like such a great brand!

  3. I love the look of this eyeshadow palette! I really want to order more from ColourPop but we get stung with custom fees here in the UK. xx


  4. I haven't ever tired colourpop as the customs charges put me off, but these look fab!

    Carla x

  5. I like that you compared the size of the pans to a 10 cent coin! Pictures can be so deceiving! They don't look that tiny at all. But I think that's great information for people to have who are considering buying it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This palette sounds perfect!

  7. Oooh I love the look of both palettes! Stunning! xx


  8. The She Palette has been all over Instagram and it's so stunning! I can't wait for ColourPop to arrive Sephora Canada because it'll be so easy to buy products without getting hit for customs.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. I don't think they're coming to Sephora in Canada. I think It's US only.

  9. This pelette is so pretty and all the shades are gorgeous! Sadly, they aren't available in where I live!


  10. Stunning!!! I really really want to try Colourpop

    Sophia xo //

  11. That eyeshadow palette is so pretty! I like it even more than the Yes Please palette x

  12. I need that eyeshadow palette so much! It's just so crazy beautiful xx

  13. Oh my lord... the eyeshadow palette has got me drooling! Not to mention the highlighters - what a stunning spectrum of powders! xx
    Marina x

  14. The eyeshadow palette is stunning! The bottom row is my dream :) xxx

  15. Thanks for letting me know how big the pans are. I assumed they were full size on the She Palette -- still a great value!

  16. Those highlighters look so pretty on your skin. I was interested in the eyeshadow palette. The colors are really stunning from the swatches I've seen.

  17. I want the eyeshadow palette so much, it's so pretty xx