Mac Power Hungry Palette (New Release)

Power Hungry Palette
Mac Power Hungry Palette

The Mac Power Hungry palette consists of 8 shades in various pan sizes, and a highlighter. I purchased this in a Mac store and took a look at all of the new palettes, and decided on this one. It's very neutral, leaning towards cool tones. I've been purchasing so many warm toned palettes that I wanted to try something else. I initially thought I would pick up the Mischief Minx, but I decided on the Power Hungry palette.


These shadows are buildable and easy to work with, but those expecting a highly pigmented palette will probably be disappointed. You really do have to layer the mattes up, and I'm fair skinned. While I was at the store, I was told the shimmers apply really well with your finger. I've used both a small concealer brush and my finger and I have no issues. I do tend to use a glitter glue as a base, since I don't like glittery shades to transfer to my crease. When it comes to Mac, I do get a little confused with their finishes. A shadow will look like it has a sheen but when swatched I realize it will be fine in the crease.


This palette comes in sturdy cardboard packaging, it feels very nice and has a mirror closure. The names come on a clear sheet, and I would have much preferred to have them printed on the palette. The overall size was a little smaller than I expected from online pictures, but it's still a nice size. I have no issues with the smaller pans when it comes to brushes.


The highlighter was a part of why I chose this palette. Some of the other palettes had a darker highlight that I knew wouldn't work for me. This highlighter is very nice- not blinding, but very nice. It looks very natural on my skin which I do like.



  1. This looks like a nice all in one palette, the shimmers look really good! x

    Velvet Blush

  2. I like the gold and bronze shades in here! I would probably go for this one, too x

  3. I have never heard of this brand before or even seen this eyeshadow palette so thank you for sharing! I love the colours, they are stunning!!

    Sophia xo //

  4. All very beautiful shades! I find that MAC mattes aren't the easiest to work with! xx


  5. Great review! All of the shades look beautiful x

    Kara |

  6. This looks pretty! Nice neutral colours! Great review!

  7. At one glance this is a beautiful palette but after reading your review, I don't think this will suits me at all. I am medium skin tone and I doubt the mattes will appear on me at all.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. I added a swatch photo but it was really hard to take since the mattes are faint on my skin.

  8. Oooh the highlighter makes t harder to pick a palette. Love that they included one though!

  9. That highlighter does look beautiful!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  10. Out of all of them, this is the one I would've picked! Looks beautiful. You should swatch them on your arm, so I can see how they look.

  11. I love how pretty they are, they're such gorgeous shades xx