Buying Prescriptions Glasses Online: Eyebuydirect Canada

Buying Prescriptions Lenses Online: Eyebuydirect Canada

Confession: I would wear my contacts lenses all the time, if I could. However, my eyes get tired and I know I need to give my eyes a break. When my four year old bumped my glasses with his head and the frames cracked, I knew I needed to start looking for a new pair. I previously purchased glasses through and came across Eyebuydirect and found these frames for a very good price and through it couldn't hurt to give them a try.

I don't like to spend alot on glasses because I don't wear them enough. I wear them for a few hours in the evening but I primarily wear contacts. When purchasing these eye glasses, I chose the frames which are Drums, and then I selected what type of lens I would like. You can upload a picture of yourself, and then "try on" these glasses. At the time, I used a promo code and had a percentage off with free shipping. It took about a week for the glasses to ship out and I received them within a few days. I was quite happy with the manufacturing and shipping time. I desperately needed new glasses because I was wearing my old glasses and the prescription was of. When the package arrived it was small and fit in my mailbox which was a plus, I didn't have to pick them up at the postal office.

I opened the package, pulled out the glasses and really liked the look of them. They weren't too big, and they weren't too small. I tried them on my face and was surprised by how lightweight these glasses were on my face. I was a little nauseous wearing them, and took them off. I waited until the evening when the lights in my house were turned down and tried them again. It seemed better and I didn't get so nauseous. It's typical of me to feel like that when putting on a new set of glasses. The next day when I tried them again, they were fine and didn't bother me at all.

I've been wearing them for a few weeks now, and I love them! I'm going to buy a second pair and keep them at work. If my contacts start to bother me or my allergies are too much. I'm putting on the glasses. For someone who doesn't like to wear glasses, these have really changed my mind. In the past, I always bought small square frames that I would always see when wearing them. Since these are a bit bigger and rounder, I don't have that problem.

My experience with eyebuydirect has been great. I am very satisfied with my glasses and purchasing them online. It's important to make sure that you have a current prescription. Don't forget your regular eye appointments. I would recommend this company, and will purchase from them again.


  1. I have never purchased my glasses online but your glasses look cool. I recently tried lenses and I still need some practice and get used to them. While reading I use my glasses. :-)

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  2. I purchased a pair online a while ago - and they melted in the summer heat. I got back to the company asking for a replacement and was given the runaround... and then, silence. No responses whatsoever to the request of a replacement. This is the most unprofessional eye glass company I've had to deal with.