Why Do You REALLY Need to Declutter and Sort Through Your Makeup?

While decluttering videos have been making the rounds lately, it's important to understand why you need to declutter your makeup. It's nice to have a huge makeup collection that you declutter because you want to pass products along that you're not using, but there is also a good reason why you should be decluttering your makeup.

Makeup Declutter


Makeup does have an expiration date, and over time these products can lead to eye infections, skin irritations and breakouts. The date on the packaging is for unopened products. When you open a product keep in mind that you should be using it up within that time period. Even unopened makeup can separate, change color or smell bad. These products should also be tossed away. Eye products such as mascara and eyeliners have a shorter life span. Even with eyeshadow, you can pass along bacteria. Foundation with a pump is ideal, because bacteria isn't introduced back into the packaging like fingers or application can do.

Broken Bottles or Packaging

While going through and decluttering your makeup, you might find broken bottles or packages that are causing products to leak and possibly ruin other items in your collection. Caps like to come off eye liners and lip liners.  Makeup sure that lids are nice and secure while cleaning your makeup. Makeup looses hydration and can begin to dry out, while you can try some hacks to revive it- it might not be as effective.


I've also fallen into the "more is more" thinking and truthfully, if you're not using a product you might want to pass them along. Eyeshadow palettes and some other products can be sterilized and maybe your family or friends would get more use out of it. If you have a smaller collection, your more likely to use the stuff you have.

Clean them up

Similarly to washing your makeup brushes, you can clean up the packaging on your products. It will help you to wash away bacteria and give you an incentive to use it because it's clean and looks nice.


If you find some products that you've been holding onto because you're not sure if you like it. Set it aside and give them a try. If you see that you're still not liking it, or seem on the fence about it, be honest with yourself- you won't use it. Get rid of it. If you're also not wanting to pick up the product and use it, again you probably won't use it and don't need to keep it.

You Will Feel So Good

When you're finished decluttering and you've sorted through your makeup, you will feel so good. I promise, you will. Much like cleaning your house, you don't want to do it but it feels so nice when you can sit back and see what you accomplished.


  1. Yikes! I have some makeup that I've kept over the years (no more than 4 though...) that I need to get rid of!

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  2. I go through my makeup and give away or through away someit, which I don't use or has gone bad. Only thing I hold on are my highend palettes. Some are so old that I don't use anymore, but I still keep them around x


  3. I regularly do clear outs and pass things on to people that will use them because I always have far too much makeup and I always feel better when I do it! xx


  4. I de cluttered a couple of months ago, it was shameful what I had in my collection ha ha, it felt good to get rid of things though xxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

  5. Decluttering was something that use to be my worst nightmare. Something about admitting to yourself what makeup you no longer like or don't use enough. I fee like in the last year I have definitely improved with this. I've done 2 major declutters and a few tiny ones, when you start to run out of makeup storage you realise something has got to give. A lot of the products were from when I first got into makeup and I wasn't specific with my makeup taste. I feel like now with my makeup purchases, whether it's drugstore (which is easy to hoard) or high end, I'm much more selective & I do lots of research before I purchase makeup. I'm also much more clearer on what my makeup tastes are so I know what I like and don't like.