Makeup Radar (Farsali 24K Rose Gold Mist, Mac Flame-boyant, Tarte High Tide and Good Vibes, Marc Jacobs Primer, Natasha Denona Concealer, Morphe 35G, Colourpop Sweet Talk, Alamar Cosmetics Blush Trio)

Makeup Radar (Farsali 24K Rose Gold Mist, Mac Flame-boyant, Tarte High Tide and Good Vibes, Marc Jacobs Primer, Natasha Denona Concealer)

Spring is here, and so are all the new collections. I can't help but look at all the new releases. I do get tempted by them, but I also have a budget. I can't purchase all of them but I did want to talk about some of them and let you know my thoughts.

Farsali Rose Gold 24K Skin Mist (Purchase)

I didn't know until recently that Farsali was a Canadian brand, and now they catch my eye that much more. This is "four-in-one wonder for all skin types, infused with gold flakes and rosehip seed oil." It is supposed to be hydrating and alcohol-free.  This bottle looks like luxury, and I would love to try it out. It has a hefty price tag of 52$ Canadian thought and for that reason, I won't be adding it to my wishlist. I go through facial mists pretty quickly and the thought of continually repurchasing a 52$ mist wouldn't work for me. If I had the chance to try it, I would love to. I'm being honest here. 

Mac Art Library Flame-boyant Palette (Purchase)

Ugh, I have so many warm toned palettes but this one is calling to me. The Flame-boyant metallic shadow is really what I want. I have a lot of red mattes but I don't have metallic reds. I also like the gradient of this palette. I wonder if Mac has improved their shadows because they weren't my favourite in the past. 

Tarte Cosmetics High Tide and Good Vibes Palette (Purchase)

Oh, Tarte this palette has gorgeous packaging! The front cover has a liquid that floats around and has a gold turtle and sea theme. The stock photo doesn't do this palette justice because I've seen other pictures and the shadows are stunning! It does have mattes, metallics and four glitter -gel toppers. The glitter-gels look amazing but I'm not sure how they perform. I've seen some reviews and they've been mixed. This is a palette I would like to try out. I'm not a huge fan of glitter fall out but if I could have them adhere nicely, I'd be happy.

Marc Jacobs Epic Lash Primer (Purchase)

I love a good eye primer, and I've heard a lot of good things about this Marc Jacobs primer. Day to day, I don't wear lashes to go to work and it would be nice to have a primer that helps to give me length and volume. It's interesting because this has a soft beige tint, normally primers are white. This one is on my wishlist, but I would like to try a travel version if they ever release one.

Natasha Denona Transfix Matte Concealer (Purchase)

Let's be honest here, I really like testing out concealers. This claims to be an "ultra-light" concealer with one-stroke full coverage, and exceptional staying power thanks to exclusive, micronized pigments." Natasha Denona is a brand I REALLY want to try out. Her eyeshadows are so beautiful, but I haven't bought one yet. I'll be keeping a look out to see what other people think of this concealer. 

Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette (Purchase)

If I could own every palette from one brand, it would be Colourpop. I love the themes, the smaller palettes and the formula is so nice. They're metallics shades are amazing! Also, I would have a ton of palettes because they are constantly releasing new ones. I love how spring/summery this palette is. It also includes two glitter shades and one super shock shade which really interests me. Glitter is really in this year. I'm pretty sure this will be purchased but I like to wait for the free shipping opportunities from Colourpop. 

Alamar Cosmetics Blush Trios (Purchase)

Alamar Cosmetics is a new brand that I would like to try. The eyeshadow palettes seem fun, and I've heard good things. Recently, they released three blush trios and I love the shades. In addition to being an eyeshadow addict, I really like face palettes. Alamar Cosmetics has reasonably priced products and I hope to pick up one of these. 

Morphe 35G Grand Glam palette (Purchase)

Morphe released this palette and it went on my wishlist, and then it sold out. I'm hoping they sell them in my Sephora store because I won't have to pay for shipping. I love the cranberries in this palette and it's a neutral palette but a bit different. I'm a big fan of Morphe eyeshadows, and I will be picking this up when I get a chance. This palette reminds me of the Desi X Katy Dose of Colors Palette. 

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  1. I definitely want to buy that MJ lash primer because I love the matching mascara! xx


  2. the color pop palette is really pretty ! i'd like to get it too!
    the farsali oil has a nice packaging but it's so expensive!

    1. I saw the bottle at Sephora and it is small. I would finish it so quickly.

  3. OH! I didn't know Farsali was Canadian either! That's just golden, I love them more now too LOL. 🍁 I won't be buying that spray either though LOL, that's a bit much! But I do want to try a serum!

  4. That Mac flame-boyant eye palette looks so gorgeous and mac palettes don't usually appeal to me. x

  5. I want them all, they look so nice
    Enjoyed reading

  6. Great Post! Super interesting products. I would love to try the farsali Mist out as well!


  7. My beauty wish list is sooooooo looooooong hehehe. These are some desirable ones. Even I have not thought about Farsali much. That Alamar blush trio hmmm. :-)

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