New Sigma and Mac Brushes in My Collection (Investing in good brushes)

New Sigma and Mac Brushes in My Collection (Are Sigma and Mac Brushes Worth it?)

Recently I decided to invest in some brushes and I was really happy with the few Sigma brushes that I owned. I decided to add more brushes to my collection. They're very soft, wash well and apply shadow nicely. Sigma is pretty easy for me to get my hands on in Canada and they do have a 2-year warranty. I was ready to put away the cheaper natural haired brushes that I own. They're pretty scratchy on my eyes and when washes they really don't keep the same form. As you grow and learn about applying makeup you know what you like and it's easier to invest in better brushes. I also found a Mac 217 at my local Winners and I was so excited to finally try the 217. I was going to go to the Mac store and spend the 30$ on the brush but I found it for half off which I was really happy about. 

Sigma E40- Tapered Blending Brush (purchase)

The Sigma E40 is a perfect brush for laying down your transition shade or blending out harsh lines during eye shadow application. The E40 fits my eye shape perfectly and this cult classic brush is a favourite for a reason. 

Sigma E38- Diffused Crease (purchase)

The Sigma E38 Diffused Crease brush is smaller, shorter and a bit denser than the E40. I like to use this brush for building up my crease since it's denser it builds up colour very easily and you can still blend with this brush. 

Sigma E35- Tapered Blending (purchase)

This is a fluffy brush that resembles a natural hair brush but uses Sigma synthetic antimicrobial fibers. This brush has a lighter coverage and you can slowly build your colour and have more control. 

Sigma E25- Blending (purchase)

The E25 is another cult classic and it's used for blending and building colour. It resembles a natural haired brush but again is synthetic. It's slightly firm and rounded. You can have a lot of control with the shape of this brush. It's frequently compared to the Mac 217 but I will say, both brushes are unique and you can benefit from having both.

Mac 217- Blending (purchase)

The Mac 217 is oval shaped but more fluffy and less dense from the Sigma E25. This brush is great for adding colour to the crease. This is a sheer to medium coverage brush and you can have a lot of control building your colours and blending them out. Mac has also moved to synthetic brush fibers.

Sigma E47- Shader Crease (purchase)

The E47 is a great precision brush that will allow you to carefully apply colour and still be able to slightly blend it out with this brush. I like to lay down darker colour in the outer V and then blend it out with this brush. It's also great for highlighting the brow bone or the inner corner of the eye. 

In conclusion, I'm really happy with the brushes that I picked out. I use each one and see myself adding to my brush collection. You don't need a lot of brushes to create eyes looks, so don't think you need 2 of each brush. I spot clean my brushes every day so they're always ready to go. You can also purchase a colour switch, that allows you to rub the brush over it and quickly clean it between eye shadows. When I deep clean these brushes they dry and keep their shape really well.

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  1. I absolutely love my Sigma brushes!! I don't have any Mac. I would also love to try Smith's!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I have a few Sigma brushes and really like them. I use my MAC 217 every time I apply my makeup! xx


  3. i love sigma brushes too! i also love the E36 for diffusing the edges of an eyeshadow.
    i like that you've found the MAC217 at winners! such a great deal!

  4. I have a few brushes from various brands that I like especially the real techniques ones. I have not tried Sigma brushes yet, but people rave about them. It's time I need to check them out. :-)

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