Book Review: A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

Book Review: A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler


A Spool of Blue Thread is a family saga that includes three generations told through snapshots. This book is universal, relatable and engaging. The Whitshank family could easily be your family, or the family next door. They’re not perfect, they struggle and like all families, they don’t always agree. Anne Tyler does a great job looking at family dynamics. This story centers around Abby and Red, their four children and the history of the house- built by Red’s father and his dream. Tyler allows readers to realize that achieving your dream doesn’t always lead to happiness. 

Now older, Abby has to come to terms with how she raised her children, and how she will live out the rest of her life.  Will her children look after her and Red when the time comes? What will happen to the house that belonged to Red’s father who so lovingly built it? Abby is a retired social worker, and Red is still going strong working in construction. He's obsessed with the family home and its upkeep. Red's father's backstory about the home was probably the most captivating for me. I thought this book was great. It’s not a fast-paced read, but it held my attention and kept me wanting to pick it up.

This book has many characters but it isn't hard to follow. I recommend this one to any readers who want a good family story, a realistic story. Anne's writing is beautiful. I was very happy that I read it and discovered Anne Tyler.  I will have to pick up some of her other books as well. 

A favourite quote from the book: " The trouble with dying." She'd told Jeannie once, "is that you don't get to see how everything turns out. You won't know the ending."

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  1. Thank you for the review! I have added this to my reading list!