Product Review Beakey Sponges: The Best Affordable Beauty Sponges on Amazon


Product Review Beakey Sponges: The Best Affordable Beauty Sponges on Amazon

Beakey sponges came to my attention at the beginning of the pandemic when I needed sponges, but I wasn't going into stores to pick up any products. I hear a few things about these sponges and decided it was time to try them. I ordered them from Amazon, and at the time I had to wait a few weeks because Amazon was prioritizing what items they were shipping out. My initial impressions were that the sponges were a nice size and expanded nicely. I've been testing them for months and decided it was time to review them. 

I've never been on board with paying upwards of twenty dollars for a beauty sponge. I've never tried the actual Beauty Blender sponge but I've tried several affordable brands. I've found sponges that I liked and sponges that I love. I really don't feel the need to pay a high-end price for a sponge. Especially with the fact that you should replace them fairly regularly. If you've had your dog attack your sponges, you'll understand why I won't pay that much for a sponge. It's happened a few times in my house, and even with a ten dollar price hurts. 

These Beakey sponges come in a pack of five, and they have nice vibrant colours. I've never had any of these sponges bleed colour when I wash them. They expand very nicely, and they apply both foundation and/or concealer perfectly. The sponge itself has a nice density- not too hard and not too soft, just nice. Since I have 5, I can use them and wash them without any urgency. Washing them also hasn't torn my sponges which I've experienced with other sponges. I also really like the shape of these sponges, the pointed end is great for around the eye. I love these sponges and will continue to repurchase them. In Canada, this pack is under 15$ and I'm so happy I have found these. Beakey does have other beauty products on Amazon. I haven't tried their brushes but I would be curious to try them. Have you tried these, what did you think?

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