Book Review: Mixed Signals by B.K Borison (Book Recommendation)

Book Review: Mixed Signals by B.K Borison (Book Recommendation)

This is the third book in the Lovelight Farms series, I didn't review the others but they're called Lovelight Farms, and In the Weeds. Each book covers a different couple at the farm and in Mixed Signals we read about Layla Dupree, the talented baker but someone who's very unlucky in love. These books were originally on Kindle Unlimited, I do believe they're now traditionally published. If you've read the other books in the series, you won't be disappointed with this one. 

Layla is once again struggling to find a tolerable date, she has some crazy stories to tell about the men she's dated recently. When she's in the middle of another date gone wrong, Caleb Alvarez swoops in and rescues her. They both agree that dating is not easy, and they come to an agreement to date each other for one month and give each other tips. They must be doing something wrong, and together they can help each other out. Caleb has has a secret crush on Layla for some time now, and this is his chance to show Layla how she should be treated by a man. 

This no strings attached dating experience was very fun to read. A contemporary romance, with dual point-of-views, and small-town vibes. I love all three of those things. Both, Layla and Caleb are 'sunshine' type characters, and having them fall for one another was great. I do recommend this series, I enjoyed returning to this town each time I picked up the next book. Caleb was so sweet, and you'll find many great quotes from him in the book. If you're interested in this series or this book, I say "Go ahead and pick them up."   

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