Monthly Reading Wrap Up: June 2023

Monthly Reading Wrap Up: June 2023

June was a great reading month for me and I read nine books. That seems to be my average in the last couple of months. 2023 has actually been a good reading year and I closed out June with 47 books read. I don't consider myself a fast reader, and I don't like to read more than one book at a time but I feel like I've done a great job selecting books that suit me. I've been trying to find different books or less talked about books and this will be a goal of mine going forward. I watch quite a bit of Booktube and I tend to see the same books over and over and I want to seek out more backlist titles and not just the popular or new-release books that everyone else seems to be reading. 

Five Star Book Reads | Little Corner of Mine

Bright Side by Kim Holden (Purchase)
Gus by Kim Holden (Purchase)
The Two Of Us by Taylor Torres (Purchase)
The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Purchase)

I rated four books with a five-star rating, these were books that kept me turning the pages, thinking about the characters and I didn't want to leave the characters behind. Bright Side and Gus by Kim Holden were absolutely fantastic books. They're part of a three-book series, and I will read the third book Franco in July. Bright Side is one of those books that will make you look at your life, and the people in it and wonder how you would face the world in the main character, Kate's situation. The second book covers her best friend Gus, when his world is very bleak. Both books are great for those who love the found-family trope. The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes was a book, I picked up after hearing about it on Booktube. It's quoted as being Criminal Minds for a Young Adult audience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not a huge thriller or mystery reader but this was just enough not to scare me (Yes, I scare easily) and I enjoyed all the characters. The last book that I rated five stars was The Two of Us by Taylor A. Torres, I was hooked from the beginning, and I'm so happy I read it. The main character Mara returns home after being away for years, a family emergency brings her back and she has to face what she ran away from years ago.  All of these books will have their own post dedicated to them in the coming weeks. I plan to use my blog as a digital book journal and I will be writing posts about each of them. 

These are the other books I read, and their rating is based on 5 stars. 

Book Recommendations

Mixed Signals by B. K Borison (3rd book in a series) 4/5 stars (Purchase)

Yellowface by R. F Kuang 4/5 Stars (Purchase)

Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 4/5 Stars (Purchase)

To Sir, with Love by Lauren Layne 3/5 Stars (Purchase)

Crimson River by Devney Perry 4/5 Stars (Purchase)

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Have you ever tracked how much you spend on books in a month? Oh, I did this month and I was pretty surprised. I spent a total of 105.37$. I'm an exclusive ereader reader, I have both a Kobo and a Kindle and I purchase a lot of ebooks that are on sale. For June, I purchased 25 ebooks, and of those 25; I read 5 of them. I decided that I need to start being more selective with those daily deals because I'm just not reading them that quickly. I also decided that I cannot purchase a book at full price unless I'm ready to read it right away. There's no point in paying the full amount, and having it sit on my readers and not being read. I can instantly download them when I'm ready to read them. I'm also trying to use my library for the new releases or books that aren't on sale. My Kobo is great for using the library in Canada. I'm hoping in July, I can report back on a better spending month, or more books reads from the books that I purchased. 

Books Read Stats

Purchased: 2

Already Owned: 1

Kindle: 5

Library: 1

Happy Reading!

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  1. Sounds like a great month! I followed you on Goodreads - can't believe we weren't friends on there yet!