Affordable Beauty Brands That You Should Check Out (7 Affordable Brands To Try)

It's really hard not to love an affordable beauty product that you love. I wanted to put together a round up of beauty companies that I know about, and most of them I've tried as well to share with readers.


Colourpop has a wide range of products. They were initially known for their Super Shock Shadows and have extensively grown their line of products to include; pressed eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, setting powders, blush, bronzer, highlighters and more. I like Colourpop because they have reasonable price points, and great quality products. Shipping to Canada is minimum 9.99$ but you do have to be careful about customs. It's been hit or miss for me, but it is a chance that you will have to take. If I had to recommend one thing from Colourpop, it would be their eyeshadow palettes.

Shop Miss A

Shop Miss A is the only online store that I haven't tried. They have their own line of AOA products. Since, I haven't tried them I can't fully recommend them but I do suggest that you check them out. I've heard enough about them that my interest is peaked.

Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents has been around for quite some time, and they don't get as much attention but I still think they deserve a mention. They have great single shadows, their Blush and Bronzer palette is a favorite of mine. I've mentioned it on the blog many times. If you're a beginner, they have great single brushes and sets. The Revealed palettes are also worth checking out. They have regular sales which is an added bonus. Shipping to Canada is reasonable.

Affordable Beauty Brands That You Should Check Out (7 Affordable Brands To Try)
B H Cosmetics

This brand was one of the first brands I checked out when I was getting started in makeup. They continuously launch new trendy products and they've been getting more mentions within the beauty community. This is another brand that has sales all the time, and shipping to Canada is not too bad. Their eyeshadow palettes and brush sets are my top picks from them.


I can only mention Morphe now that they have launched international stores. Before shipping to Canada was very expensive, especially when I factored in the exchange rate and the custom fees. I did bit the bullet to get palettes in the past because I love their palettes that much. However, I am so ecstatic that they have a Canadian store now. Morphe is a top pick for me when it comes to eyeshadow palettes and brushes.

Revolution Beauty

This brand has gone through many name changes, most known as Makeup Revolution and Tam Beauty.  In any case, I really love trying their products because their affordable and they have such a wide range of products. They do have the UK site, and the USA site. I normally order from the UK site which tends to have the most recent launches. Shipping to Canada normally would take about two weeks.


ELF is another fun brand with very trendy products at a great price point. In Canada, they're available in Walmart and they've become much more accessible. I've also purchased through their site which has much more products available and had no issues shipping to Canada.

Do you have any brands that you would like to mention? Any of these brands that you've tried and loved?


  1. Colourpop, Morphe and Elf are the three brands that I have tried some products and I really love these brands. The remaining I still have to try. Recently there are so many drugstore brands that are coming up with so many great products we hardly need to spend on higher end or the luxury brands. Lovely post Jennifer. :-)

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  2. I'm a massive fan of Morphe and Revolution! So affordable and such good quality products.
    Amber |

  3. These are some amazing suggestions! I've heard of Colourpop so many times, their products always look so pigmented and the price point is fab! Thanks for sharing these, lovely. <3 xoxo


  4. Haven't used them yet! Thanks for sharing

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

  5. I love watching and reading beauty reviews, so i've heard about all of these. They look like really good brands and I would love to try them out x)

  6. I love colourpop products! The quality is amazing and the products are unique. Thank you for the other recommendations x


  7. I have only tried ELF, and just one thing from them. Oh, wait that is not true, I have used an eyeshadow palette from Revolution Beauty too, very good quality.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  8. Revolution beauty is the best affordable makeup brand in my opinion! Haven't gotten a chance to try out other brands ,I'm desperately waiting for the launch of elf cosmetics in India. Great post !:)

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  9. Indeed, they are the lords in the company naming industry! I was about to witness this through their new online course. Totally worth it!