Let's Get Reading: The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin (Book Review)

Weekend Reading: The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin (Book Review)


Anne Morrow was the quiet daughter, the studious daughter. Her father was the US Ambassador to Mexico and she often stood outside the spotlight, and let her sister take the lead. When she returned home from college during Christmas break, she had the pleasure to meet Colonel Charles Lindberg. Lindberg was sought by everyone, he was the first aviator to succeed flying over the Atlantic and everyone wanted to be around him. Anne’s father was ecstatic to have him meet the family. Her sister was encouraged to entertain Charles for the evening, Anne was to tag along. The family was shocked to find Charles seeking out Anne. Anne herself couldn’t understand it, but she kept noticing him staring at her, and examining her. Their marriage would play out in the press, the media would follow them everywhere, and Anne Morrow Lindberg could no longer be the quiet daughter standing in the corner.


Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. Melanie Benjamin really solidified her characters, and brought them back to life. Their story is filled with happiness, heartbreak, and finality. Written in the first person, readers are given Anne’s perspective. Her husband is on his death bed, and she has some final questions for him. Letters meant to be kept secret have been placed into her hands. While readers are waiting to find out what the letters include, Anne gives her audience a glimpse into her life with Charles.

Benjamin really transports her readers into their world. Anne was famous for simply being Charles wife but there was much more to her than just being a wife. She was the first female pilot, and she was constantly trying to prove herself to her husband. If you didn’t know much about their life before, you will be really interested in them when finishing the book. I didn’t know much about Charles before reading this one and much of the story was a complete surprise to me.

If you like historical fiction, you will love this one. It reads like fiction and at times you will forget that it’s historical fiction. I will be looking for more of Melanie Benjamin’s works. This was my first time experiencing her, she is extremely talented! Highly recommended! I love the cover, it's perfect for summer.

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