Products That Stay In My Rotation (Garnier, Benefit, Becca, Urban Decay, Milani, Stila, Revolution)

Products That I'm Keeping In My Rotation (Garnier, Benefit, Becca, Urban Decay, Milani, Stila, Revolution)

While I like to change up the products that I'm using on a daily basis, there are some products that I don't tend to change out often. These are the products that I don't think twice about, and grab them instinctively when doing my makeup. At the moment, these are the products that are consistently in my routine.

For a facial mist, I've been using the Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist*. I started using this while I was on vacation because it travelled better than my Pearlessence facial mist that is housed in a glass bottle. This Garnier facial mist has a nice nozzle and sprays evenly on my face. It has a slight rose scent which I do like, and normally I'm not a fan of rose scented products. It is very soothing on my dry skin, and I would repurchase. I also like to foil my shadows with this product.

Benefit's Boi ing concealer is my colour correct for my under eyes. No matter what concealer I'm using, I have Benefit underneath to cancel out my darkness. I've been using this for over a year, and I really like the texture. It's very emollient and makes colour correcting quick and easy. Revolution's Conceal and Define is another product that I haven't changed out much. It's easy to blend, affordable and one of my favourite concealers. I'm actually on my second tube of the C1 shade, and I have C 0.5 as well. To set my under eye, I'm using the Becca Brightening Powder. This powder is finely milled and doesn't look heavy under my eye. It brightens the area, and doesn't cakey. In all the powders I've tried, this one is just right.

Eyeliner is one of the products that I don't like to buy high end, but I was provided with this Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner* and I really do enjoy it. The liner has a nice fine brush tip and it's very easy to use. Most importantly it hasn't dried out too quickly. I will say drugstore eyeliners dry out on my very quickly and need repurchasing sooner. As much as I don't like to spend the money on eyeliner, it will last you longer. While we're talking about eye products, I will mention my eye primer. I'm using the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. It helps to hold my shadows, intensify the colour and it doesn't need to be set. I stopped setting my eyeshadow when I noticed that it didn't fade as much when I didn't set it. I have slightly hooded eyes, and not setting my primer has been great for longer wear and less fading. I was previously using the Mac Paint pot, but it started looking heavier on my lid. The primer potion has been my primer of choice for months now.

The last product that has been going strong for months now is the Milani Prep Set and Glow pressed powder. I don't set my face very much, but when I do I use this powder to set and keep the glow into my complexion. I primary use this to set my forehead, due to foundation setting into my lines and when a foundation is very tacky and I'm afraid I will have issues blending powders on top.

These are my current favourites. Do you have products that you don't switch out very often?

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  1. I love that Stila liner! I've never tried a Benefit concealer before but this one sounds great xx

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  2. I haven't tried any of these products! I would love to try that pressed powder though x


  3. These sound great! Ill need to try some! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Ooh all these products look great - I love Stila and Urban Decay as they have such a variety and always create lovely ranges! :)

    Layla x

  5. I have not tried any of the products you have mentioned. But I want to try the Milani setting powder so bad. :-)

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