Happiness Boutique Cuff Bracelets Review

I'm a rose gold, yellow gold lover and never really ventured into the white gold/silver jewelry trend. I'm really happy that yellow gold, and rose gold have made a come back. I was approached by the Happiness Boutique to pick out two jewelry pieces for review purposes and before I agreed, I took a look at their site to see if I would be interested. I thought they offered a great variety of options and agreed to review two bracelets. They have bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. They ship out from Germany, and have free worldwide shipping. Consumers have a 60 days return policy. The bracelets shipped out within one day, and arrived to Canada in about a week.

When it comes to jewelry, I have my staples pieces that I don't change often. As for rings, I have my wedding rings and a ring from my Mom. I don't wear fashion rings. Earrings, I'm very sensitive and will only wear pure gold. I have a yellow gold necklace with a cross that my husband gifted to me, and it doesn't come off unless I'm cleaning it. For these reasons, I decided to look at their bracelets. I hoped to find something that wasn't too delicate because I've gone through my fair share of bracelets that are broken easily. I chose two cuff bracelets, and hoped for the best. I chose the Glitter Cuff Bracelet in Rose Gold and the Time Cuff Bracelet in Rose Gold. Both bracelets are beautiful, and wear very comfortably. The cuffs not perfectly round, a bit oval which causes them to sit very well on my wrist without spinning around and needing readjustment. I've been wearing them for a few weeks now, and they are not scratched up, which I was surprised to see. I sit at a desk and type on my computer all day. I expected them to scratch within days. Both are titanium and gold plated.

I've been very happy with these two bracelets, and wear them every day. They clip closed and don't undo on their own. They are very sturdy and well made. I would love to check out more of their pieces because they're so beautiful. Thanks to The Happiness Boutique for sending me these cuff bracelets for review.

By inserting mrsqbeauty at the checkout, readers will get 10% discount for orders over 19 euros and it is valid until October 19th. 

*Bracelets were sent for review purposes, this does not change my honest review.


  1. Love Happiness Boutique! I got a couple pairs of earrings from them and they're great! These bracelets are stunning.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. The Happiness Boutique have some beautiful pieces. I got a gold feather necklace from them a few months ago and it was beautiful and really affordable.

    Roxie | thebeautifulbluebird.com

  3. Such a beautiful bracelets. I'm also huge lover of rose and yellow gold because they are so elegant.


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