Affordable Eyeshadow Palette Haul| Under 20$ (BH Cosmetics, Beauty Creations, Morphe)

Affordable Eyeshadow Haul (BH Cosmetics, Beauty Creations, Morphe)

Can we talk about my eyeshadow addiction? It's a problem...I'm going to need to scale it back in 2019 because I'm running out of space. Lately, I've been really enjoying affordable palettes. I tend to wear my affordable palettes more than my higher end shadows. I'm not sure why that is, but it's true. I'm also trying to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself with eyeshadow. This is a goal of mine for next year, I want to work on wearing more colorful eyeshadows and pairing colors that I wouldn't normally. I tend to stick to neutrals, and feel intimidated by more colorful looks.

Here is my haul:

The BH Cosmetics Desert Oasis has been on my wishlist for awhile. I kept hearing that this palette has the best eyeshadow formula that BH has release and I was curious. They're stuff has been hit or miss for my in the past, and it's been awhile since I ordered one of their palettes. When this became a daily deal for 11$ I couldn't wait any longer. I will say that the packaging does feel heavier and more sturdy than their palettes in the past. (Purchase)*

The Beauty Creations Tease Me palette caught my eye because of the color story. It reminds me of a Huda Beauty palette and despite the affordable price I watched some reviews and it seems like a good palette. I've used it a few times and the shimmers really stand out. A review will be coming soon.  (Purchase)

The Morphe 15T True Selfie palette is new to Morphe and launched as a part of their holiday collection. I really like their 15pan palettes. This palette stood out to me because of the greens and oranges. It does look like the 35M Boss Babe (review) but side by side their don't have duplicate colors but you might want to pick one palette over the other. I also picked up the 15S  Social Butterfly palette. I couldn't help myself, I want to wear more color and this palette is gorgeous.

(Purchase 15T True Selfie, 35M Boss Babe*, 15S Social Butterful)

15T and 35M Palette

The Morphe 9C and 9A palette are due to Sephora Canada now having Morphe. I couldn't get my hands on these palettes unless I ordered from Ulta and it wouldn't make sense with the exchange and customs fees but when they launched in Sephora Canada I was able to pick them up for 16$ each and let me tell you- I love these smaller palettes. I also picked up the 9B Bronze palette (review) and reviewed it already.

(Purchase 9C Jewel Crew*, and 9A Always Golden*)

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  1. That BH Cosmetics palette and Morphe Social Butterfly palette look gorgeous! I've recently started buying eye shadow palettes and they are soooo addictive, so I understand.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. Woah, the Desert Oasis looks EXACTLY like the Too Faced Semi-Sweet chocolate bar palette!

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  3. I loved your haul. Each palette you chose are pretty and I like that you want to try more colors. I rarely use colorful shadows but I like to use colored eye liners. You tempt me to buy eyeshadow palettes haha! Enjoy your goodies. :-)

    Via |