Recommended Eye Blending Brushes (Sigma, BH Cosmetics, Morphe)

Recommended Eye Blending Brushes (Sigma, BH Cosmetics, Morphe)

Today, I wanted to share the blending brushes that I use constantly when doing my eyeshadow. I have alot of brushes but I keep coming back to these brushes because they work the best for me.

Transition/ General Blending Brushes

Sigma E40: The Sigma E40 is a great blending brush. It's a great size to lay down my transition shade and start the eye shadow look. I like to also use this brush to continue blending throughout the eye look. This is a very soft brush synthetic brush. (Purchase)

BH Cosmetics V5: This is a single synthetic brush in the B H Cosmetics Vegan line. It's so soft and a great affordable option. I use this brush for my transition area and general blending of my looks. (Purchase)

Morphe M441- The M441 is a fluffy blending brush with natural bristles. It's a very popular Morphe brush that many use for the crease. (Purchase)

Morphe R37: This is another natural blending brush similar to the M441 but it is more tapered and precise. I prefer the R37 over the M441 but both will do a great job.

More Precise Blending Brushes

Once my transition shade is down and I'm ready to darken up a look. I start using smaller more precise brushes. We don't want to bring the dark colors up too high and want to keep the transition shade at the top

Morphe M433: This is a precise blending brush that pairs well with the M441 and/or the R37. The M433 is natural and more tapered. It's not as fluffy of a brush for overall blending but works great for laying down the colors you want. (Purchase)

Morphe M514: This is a brush that I cannot go without. It's a small blending brush and I use it almost daily. This brush helps me create the looks I want because it's so small that I can put the color exactly where I want. If you want more control this is a great brush. (Purchase)

Morphe M513: The M513 is another smaller brush that I like to use when creating a look. It's similar to the M433 but smaller. If you have smaller eyes this one helps. (Purchase)

If you're new to brushes and eyeshadow. Don't think that you need all of these brushes. I would say you need one fluffy brush and one more precise brush. Once you have the two brushes you can create many looks. I would recommend the R37/M441 and the M433 . If you have these two brushes, you're good to go. 

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  1. What did we do before we discovered the benefits of the blending brush?! I use Mac 217 & Callanberry Blending Brush daily but will save this post for when I need a new one xx

  2. I have use Real techniques brushes and you are absolutely right. One blending brush and a precise brush is enough to do eye makeup. :-)

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