Empties (Facial Mists, Body Wash, Toner, Micellar Water, Makeup Brush Cleaner)

Body Shop, Pearlessence, LOreal, Pixi, Garnier, Quo, Physicians Formula)

Empties are always fun to read about because you know the products have really been tested out if you've gotten to the bottom. I don't go through products that quickly because I'm usually rotating and testing through a few brands. I will continue to post my empties because it does encourage me to finish products. Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

Pearlessence Coconut Rose Facial Mist: I've repurchased this a few times, and I will purchase a new one when I see my local Winners has them in stock. To be honest I prefer the Coconut one over the Coconut Rose but I'll take what I can get because this is not a brand I can get my hands on easily in Canada. This comes in a glass bottle, and the nozzle has a nice consistent mist which I really like. 

The Body Shop Spa of the World Body Wash: I went through two of these body washes and they smell amazing. It feels very hydrating on the skin and lathers up really nice. The bottle is a bit hard to squeeze and it's hard to get the remnants at the bottom but overall the packaging is okay. They are enriched with Monoi oil and a part of the Spa of the World line. The Balkan Jupiter smell is my favourite.

Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation: This was my every day, going to work foundation and I finished the bottle. That doesn't happen to me often unless I really like the foundation. This gives me a great satin finish that lasts all day. When I add a luminous mist on top it also looks great and not too dewy. I will be repurchasing this at some point. I also love the doe foot because it's so easy to apply in the morning.

Pixi Glow Mist: Glow? Yes, please... I've tried a few of the Pixi mists and this was my favourite. I do want to try the hydrating Milky Mist next. The nozzle on these Pixi mists work well and provides a consistent even spray which is really important when you're applying on top of makeup. I've heard this compared to the Tacha Dewy Skin mist, which I probably won't purchase because it's so expensive. Facial mists and concealers are two products I go through a lot, and would rather find affordable options to replace.  

Garnier Skinactive Micellar Water: I'm not a huge fan of micellar waters for a makeup remover but I do like to use them to wash my eyes once my makeup has mostly been removed. It's great to also use in the morning when you want to freshen up. I did enjoy this micellar water and I'm still going through the micellar gel version which I prefer to use. I did see a biphase version which I would love to try. The added Aragon oil would be interesting to see if it removes makeup more easily. 

L'Oreal Hydra Total 5 Toner: I'll be honest, I'm not a skincare expert but I am slowly learning. I haven't tried many toners, but I did repurchase this product. It feels very refreshing on my skin, and it doesn't feel drying on my cleansed skin. I would like to discover more toners, but if you're looking for an affordable drugstore option for dry skin I would recommend this one. 

Quo Makeup Brush Cleanser: Do you spot clean your brushes? I do and it's a game changer. My favourite brushes are always ready to use because I spot clean my brushes in the morning when I'm done applying my eye makeup. This Quo rose scented cleaner lifts away the dirt very easily. I spray a few sprays on a paper towel, swirl my brushes and they're cleaned. I'm using a Sephora Citrus version right now, but I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase this Quo cleaner. 

*Some of these products were provided for possible review purposes. This will never sway my opinion, I will always be honest. Thank you for supporting Mrs Q Beauty.


  1. The PF foundation sounds really nice, the bottle looks so fancy for a drugstore foundation. I feel the same way about toners I want to try more to really discover what works for me, I really want to try some products from Ole Henriksen but they are difficult to get ahold of in the UK for some reason. Hope you are having a great start to the week, Jennifer xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. Love the sound of the coconut rose facial mist! Have a great week.

    Gemma x

  3. That physician's formula sounds so lovely but in the past I haven't found a shade to match my pale skin which is the reason I haven't tried it. I also need to try more skincare from the body shop! x


  4. It feels so satisfying when we use up products especially makeup. :-) I love physicians formula brand as well as pixi. Will check that foundation out. :-)

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

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