Makeup Radar: Cheekbone Beauty Stardust, Makeup Revolution Vitality, Lierac Lift Integral, Emile Cordon Lip Care)

Makeup Radar: Cheekbone Beauty Stardust, Makeup Revolution Vitality, Lierac Lift Integral, Emile Cordon Lip Care)

Today, we're going to talk about four products that have been on my radar this month. Four products that I keep going back to constantly because I've been enjoying them so much. Trying out new products and discovering ones that I truly love is why I enjoy blogging so much. It allows me to share products and what I think of them. Let's get into the products:

Cheebone Beauty Stardust Palette

Cheekbone Beauty- Stardust Palette (Cheekbone Beauty) Discount Code JENNR99 for 10% off

You know how much I love Cheekbone Beauty. I've talked about them over and over on this blog. I picked up the Stardust palette because I knew I would love it. The Stardust palette has three powders that will give you the glow that you're looking for. It's great for going to work or going out. It has a gold highlighter, a rosy glowy blush and a white gold highlighter. These types of palettes are great, I love palettes. While the gold is a little dark for me on its own, I can mix it with the lighter highlight. I can also use the gold on my lids, and inner corner. During the summer, I'm sure I will be able to use it on its own. Keep in mind, I'm very fair skinned. When wearing the white gold highlight I love spraying it with a fixing spray and buffing it in with a small stippling brush. I've been doing this technique with most of my highlighters and I feel like it really helps to melt it into the skin but not give me a blinding highlight that would enhance texture. It makes the highlighter look really smooth. The blush is so pretty for every day, I absolutely love it. These products also last all day on me, my highlight still looks great after a long day at work.

Makeup Revolution Vitality Reloaded Palette

Makeup Revolution Vitality Palette (Revolution Beauty) (Ulta Beauty)

When I first used this palette, I didn't really like it but this month I tried it again and love it! I've been enjoying wearing purple more and wanted to give this palette another chance. I really believe the brush I'm using has made the difference. I'm using a denser Real Techniques crease brush, and it deposits the colour much better. When you use colourful eyeshadow, you have to play around with your technique because fluffy brushes don't always work well. I had a bit of a learning curve with this palette but now I really enjoy wearing this palette. This palette is 7 dollars, and the Reloaded palettes have become favorites of mine.

Lierac Lift Integral

Lierac Life Integral Day Cream and Flash Lift Mask (Shoppers Drug Mart)

I was sent these two products to test out and Lierac was new to me. The Lift Integral line really aims to help lift the skin. As we age, sagging skin is inevitable as it is a natural process. The body starts to produce less elastin. As I'm in my 30's I want to help my skin as much as possible. I've been using the sculpting day cream and I do feel like my skin is left feeling tighter when applying it, it also feels hydrating. It wears well under makeup but the floral scent is not my favourite. It hasn't made me not want to use it, but I do wish it had no scent. The standout product for me was the Flash Lift Mask. It is 2x more concentrated in active lifting ingredients than the sculpting cream and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and very hydrated. It goes on clear which I do like, and it's easy to wash off. It's recommended to use this 2 or 3 times a week. It's formulated by a trio of mahogany extract, purple tulip extract and hyalu 3 concentrate. Shoppers Drugmart does have a set with these two products available for 100$. Linked above.

Emile Cordon Lip Balms

Emile Cordon Lip Care (Emile Cordon)

These were also sent to me and immediately I was intrigued. I love lip balms and sheer lip products. These Emile Cordon lip balms claim to be "a true miracle lip balm that repairs, moisturizes, and transforms lips into its perfect condition." I will tell you that they feel so nice on the lips! Especially during these cold months. I have the Rose Imperial, St Barts Soleil, and Charlotte. Charlotte gives a nice tint to my lips which I also really like. They do come with spatulas that you can use if you don't like dipping your finger in a pot. The key ingredients are: Kukui Nut oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Squalane. There is also a cashmere lip line that you can check out. 

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  1. I have a few of those lip balms and love them! The eyeshadow palette is very pretty! xx

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  2. Ohhh all of these products look so lovely I'll definitely have to try some soon!! x

    Grace Louise ||

  3. I have Charlotte as well and it is beautiful! Have you tried it on your cheeks? It stays longer than it does on the lips there and wears great.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

    1. I haven't tried it on my cheeks but I will give it a try. Thanks!

  4. All of these products looks great. I would like to try Lierac Flash Lifting Mask! Thank you for recommendation!

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  5. I really like the Vitality Palette too, it blows my mind how they make shadows so affordable xx ❤️

    1. Some have been hit or miss but the majority of the palettes I try, I really enjoy.